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what will your college experience be?

engaging? successful? time-of-your-life? AFFORDABLE? impactful? it can all happen at davenport.

Over 95% of Davenport University alumni would recommend DU to their friends. Why? Because they found their niche here. They learned exactly what they needed to know to start their career. DU Alumni made an impact on their school and their community due to the many opportunities for involvement and leadership. They also celebrate the many achievements in their athletic & academic competitions. National championships are a common occurrence at DU!

We've been helping students succeed for over 150 years. In addition to accredited programs focused on the top career fields in the nation, we teach you the interpersonal competencies that will help you succeed. 

We offer 60+ programs across five colleges:

Donald W. Maine College of Business (Undergrad & Grad)
College of Technology (Undergrad & Grad)
College of Health Professions (Undergrad & Grad)
College of Arts and Sciences (Undergrad & Grad)
College of Urban Education (Grad only)

Experience Success:

67,000+ successful alumni world-wide can attest to the strength of a DU education. You'll be a step ahead with programs that are relevant to today's careers taught by faculty who come directly from industry. Our faculty are leaders in their fields and approach your education and success personally. (Our 12:1 student to instructor ratio helps!) We also set you up for success by recognizing your early credit: Articulation, AP, IB, Dual enrollment, and even testing credit. 


Experience Campus Life:

Davenport is the kind of place where you can make your own experience. So whether that means staying close to home as a commuter or adventuring out to live on-campus, you can do college exactly how you want. Be involved in one of 40+ student organizations like BPA, DECA, Active Minds or Cyberdefense. Play or cheer for our 36+ athletic teams (Go Panthers!). Have the time of your life.

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Experience Affordability:

95% of our students receive some type of aid for college. We are masters of searching high and low to help you build the best financial aid package possible so that starting at DU can be your reality. Don't believe that attending a private college is out of your league, DU is different. Our new students have discovered that it pays off to talk to admissions about scholarships, grants and other financial aid options. Don't be shy, find out for yourself.



Ask us anything!

Our Admissions team can help you find the answer to any question. Reach out today! Call us at (800) 686-1600 or email your questions to for quick assistance.