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A Valuable Education

When choosing a college, you want to know that it's going to be worth three things:

  • Your time.
  • Your money. 
  • Your hard work.

We are the only university in Michigan that specializes in degrees and programs in three fast-growth areas of today’s economy: business, technology and health. That's great, but is it a "good school?" 

We're proud to say that when you choose Davenport, you're choosing the best.

High Quality Class Content

Our academics deliver the most current knowledge, using the latest technology and methods to promise a superior learning experience.

Please visit one of our three Colleges listed here for more information: 

Learn more by visiting the Academics Department or our Academic Programs Listing.

Personal Attention

Plus, by keeping class sizes small, our instructors can give you one-on-one attention throughout your course. Our advisors and career services staff are also available to guide you every step of the way.

Academic Support

Friends don't let friends fail! Davenport agrees, and we consider our students, friends. We offer some of the strongest tutoring and resource support services you can find. Whether you like in person individual tutoringonline help or want to go through some resources on your own, we've got help with your name on it.