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Military & Veterans Statement of Responsibility

Davenport University Military & Veterans Statement of Responsibility


I understand that I have the following obligations while attending Davenport University and Receiving VA Educational Benefits
Relevant paperwork includes: confirmation page until a Certificate of Eligibility is available, a 22-1995 form if attended any other college in which I received VA benefits, award letter and/or a 28-1905 for Chapter 31 students
If I decide to change my current major, I must notify, via email, my advisor to submit an Update Curriculum Form
*Note-Chapter 31 recipients can be approved to take developmental courses online
It is my responsibility to know the difference.
However, my tuition and fees will be reported at the time of the 100% charge in accordance with University Policy.
These changes include an increase or decrease in credit hours, delivery option changes and/or inseat vs online class changes.
A W, F, or NF could result from withdrawing from or not attending a class. Further, I understand that in either case, I could be responsible for the repayment of VA benefits associated with these grades. Repayment could include book stipend, monthly housing allowance, and tuition and fees. I must also notify, via email, the Registrar's Office of any such withdrawal.
The VA will allow a repeat of any class that was not successfully completed (F, W or I grades). However, the grade will affect my GPA, could impact satisfactory progress, and any previously failed classes (which are repeated) must be reported to the VA as non-punitive grades and could impact my benefits.
In this event, I must deliver a copy of my orders to my academic advisor.
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I do hereby affirm that I have read, understand, and will comply with the "Military & Veterans Statement of Responsibility". I further affirm that I understand that I will be liable for any debt letter and/or over payment to me, caused by my failure to adhere to the "Military & Veterans Statement of Responsibility" and will advise a Davenport University Certifying Official of any changes in my enrollment.