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Military Student Services

Davenport University Military Service's goal is to help you transition from Service Member to Scholars

 Course Scheduling and Academics

  • Certifying
  • Balanced Schedule
  • Withdrawing from a Course
  • Grades other than passing
  • Failing
  • Last Date of Attendance (LDA)

 Financial Aid for Military Students

  • Book Vouchers
  • Pell Refund
  • Special Considerations
  • Max Time Frame

 Military Leave of Absence/Deployment

  • Incomplete Grade Request
  • Military Withdrawal

 Academic Credit for Military Experience

  • Military Transcripts
  • Credit for Military Transcripts
  • Military Transcript Credit Appeal
  • Prior Learning Assessment (PLA)
  • Testing for College Credit 

 Military Student Support

  • American with Disabilities Act (ADA)
  • Tutoring Center
  • Ebenefits

 Student Rights and Responsibilities

  • Military Student Bill of Rights
  • Expectations and Understandings
  • Educational Benefit Requirements