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Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter 33: Post 9/11 GI Bill® 

How does the Post 9/11 GI Bill®  $1000 book stipend pay?

At 100% eligibility, your authorized percentage is $41.67 per credit with a max of $500 per semester and $1000 annually. The Post-9/11 GI Bill book stipend will be direct deposited to your bank account or mailed to you depending on what you selected when you applied. The book stipend will not be issued until after the semester starts so you will need to purchase your books before you receive the stipend.

If a student has one day of Post-9/11 GI Bill® benefits available when he or she starts a semester, will the VA disburse funds for the entire semester?

If the session will keep the student below the maximum length of 48 months, then the tuition, fees, and book stipend will pay out for the whole session. The MHA will cut off at 36 months no matter where you are in the session. All benefits stop at 48-month maximum, which will include any other GI Bill used.

Will the Post-9/11 GI Bill® cover study abroad programs?

Funding will cover tuition only. No other expenses will be covered. The student will be responsible for all remaining costs of the trip.

How many classes do I need to get the full monthly housing allotment?

In a 15 week semester, you need to be enrolled in 12 credits to be eligible for the full monthly housing allotment. In a seven-week semester, you need to be enrolled in 6 credits to receive the full monthly allotment. (On average, 12 credits equal four classes). Additionally, you need to be enrolled in at least one on-campus class that runs for the entire semester or session to receive the on campus amount. If you choose to attend completely online you will only receive 50% of the national average for BAH (per VA guidelines). A military advisor can help ensure you are scheduled correctly; click here to find the advisor for your campus.

Will I get my full MHA if I take all my classes online?

If your classes meet the VA's ½ time requirement and are all online you will receive 50% of the national BHA average for housing.  If you are is in-seat for any portion of the semester/session you will receive the in-seat rate for that portion.

What happens if I withdraw from a class?

If you are considering withdrawing from a class you should contact your advisor, click here to find a Military Advisor at your campus. The VA has certain rules about withdrawing and there are circumstances where you will owe the VA money if you withdraw from a class. Your Military Advisor can help walk you through this process and review all of your options.

Military Discount

Can you get a discount and a scholarship? Which is better?

You can only receive one or the other. The 20% military discount is more beneficial than DU’s Silver and Gold scholarship. Any larger scholarship will likely be more beneficial than the discount.

Are dependents of current service members or veterans eligible for the 20% discount?

Yes. To receive the discount the student must provide a copy of the veterans’ DD214 (member-4) or LES and proof of dependency. Every semester the LES must be resubmitted. Must meet financial aid requirements of dependency.

Military Tuition Assistance (TA)

When is the last date I can apply for TA?

Your TA application must be submitted prior to the first day of class.

What paperwork do I need to apply for TA?

Generally, you need a copy of your degree plan, your class schedule, and a copy of your bill. You can print or take screen shots of all these items from your Student Connection

Do you need a certain grade to have TA pay out?

Most branches require you to earn a C or better in any class for which you want TA to cover the costs.

When will the TA payments be applied to my account?

TA payments are applied to your account after grades have posted.

If I receive a Pell grant, can it cover my fees?

No, TA users are required to cover their fees with loans or out-of-pocket.

General Questions

What qualifies a student for military leave of absence?

Any spontaneous military event where the student is issued orders will qualify for a military leave of absence. Deployments or annual training events are the most common.

What do I do if I need to take a military leave of absence?

First, you should contact your advisor, click here to find a Military Advisor at your campus and provide him or her with your orders. Your advisor will talk you through the Military Leave of Absence process, make sure the necessary paperwork is submitted and that you suffer no financial repercussions. Your advisor can also help you reschedule your classes so that you will stay on track with your degree plan.

For a military leave of absence, do I have to pay back the GI Bill® payments?

If the student submits the appropriate paperwork, usually orders, than he or she will not have to pay any money back to the VA or owe the school. However, the student will need to retake the class.

What do I do if I have concerns about a course or instructor?

First, you should contact your advisor, click here to find a Military Advisor at your campus. Next, you should document your issue by submitting a course concern.

What do I do if I cannot finish a class?

First, you should contact your advisor, click here to find a Military Advisor at your campus.  Your advisor will talk you through the withdraw process or other options. Each student’s situation is unique and the VA’s policies on withdrawing from a class are very complicated so it is essential that you contact a Military Advisor, a few general statements follow: MGIB-AD (Ch. 30), MGIB-SE (Ch. 1606), REAP (Ch. 1607), and DEA (Ch. 35): Withdrawing from a class will change your student status and reduce your monthly payments. Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Ch. 33): Withdrawing from a class will result in a reduction of MHA and create a debt to the VA. The student will be responsible for the prorated cost of the remainder of the class from which he or she withdrew. Voc. Rehab. (Ch. 31): A withdraw from a class without financial repercussion is possible, but you must notify your Voc. Rehab counselor.

When will I receive my Refund?

A student is eligible for a refund if they have funds in excess of their charges.  Post 9/11 GI Bill® (Ch. 33): users commonly have excess funds from Pell Grants but these funds will not be refunded to the student until the VA pays the school.  DU does not report Tuition and fees to the VA until 100% charge for that semester or session.  Depending on how your courses are scheduled your refund may not occur until the end of the session or semester.  Voc. Rehab. (Ch. 31) users will not receive a refund until grades are submitted for the semester/session as payment is grade dependent.