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Faculty, Staff and Coaches

Faculty, Staff & Coaches Role in Internships at DU

You are a vital part of the internship process here at DU!  We need to leverage your help and influence with students to engage in internship planning, from admissions to program completion.  Refer them to the Student Page, (academic approval process on this website), to the weekly Internship Workshops and to the opportunities active on Handshake, any time after they become a student.  You can visit it too, to boost your awareness of the process. 

You are encouraged to help Regional Internship Managers and Career Services staff to recruit internship opportunities in the community at large.  Please refer host site organizations to post positions on our Handshake site, and / or refer them to this webpage or lastly, Internship Managers.  We will follow up.  

Faculty may teach internship courses.  Department Chairs review and approve internship position descriptions for credit worthiness by working with the Internship Manager for their respective college.

Faculty, staff, Coaches and / or leadership may also host a DU intern!  If the work is deemed academically relevant and credit worthy you can recruit our students to help you accomplish your goals.  Please see the Experiential Learning & HR policy document for details on this fantastic way to give back to our students!  The Internal Employer Guide is your how-to for the academic side of the experience.  DU Internship Managers can coach you through the process any time.    

Admissions FAQ Document & other Resources Below.

Allied Health Practicum

Please visit that section of the College of Health Professions website.