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New to Internships?

At Davenport University we work to provide you with documents and resources to make it easier to start, or improve your internship program.

Get more information at our EMPLOYER WORKSHOPS

We provide TRAINING WORKSHOPS that are a fit for any level or experience of staff member, and are offered FREE of charge YEAR-ROUND, IN-SEAT & ONLINE. CLICK HERE to view upcoming dates at DU or at one of our West Michigan Internship Initiative partner schools.

Additional Resources


  • This will help you build a sustainable, value adding program from a local and national perspective.


  • The guide helps you understand how to create a relationship with DU for hosting students in our various programs.  


  • Our template helps you write a detailed description of the work you want your intern to do, and what you will help them learn. An Internship Manager can help you create this by providing previously approved examples.  Guidelines for our majors are also available in the Student Internship Resources section at the bottom of the Student page here, so you can focus your projects to students in specific academic programs. 


  • This will help you understand the ease of hosting one of our international students:  no additional costs to you, and no extra paperwork!  


  • Click to review Hello West Michigan’s Internship Toolkit, which provides detailed guidance on building and maintaining a strong internship program.


  • Have a project that is bigger than one person?  Click to view more information on how Davenport Students can complete projects for your business or non-profit at no cost.

Ready to Host Interns? 

STEP 1: Post your internship

Click into Handshake to post your internship.  You can use a current account or create a new one.  An Internship Manager will review the posting, contact you with any questions, and release it to students to apply.

STEP 2: INterview and Select your Candidate

STEP 3: Approve the Student's Experience Request

Be at the ready to receive an e mail request to review and approve the selected students Experience via our Handshake system.  This replaces the Employer Organizational Learning Agreement as a seperate document, and updates the hosting relationship with Davenport.  You can be sure to get your approval right the first time by using the Employer Handshake Trouble Shooting FAQ.

STEP 4: Support & evaluate your Intern

You will receive communication from the students Faculty member mid-semester, and at semester end for an evaluation of performance via e mail.  

Credit versus Non-Credit Interns

Our Internship Managers can help employers create internship positions designed to meet the Bureau of Labor and Statistics federal guidelines. Developing a detailed work description relevant to a student’s degree program is the best first step towards a credit bearing opportunity.  A credit bearing internship has a concurrent class, weekly coursework, a faculty instructor and end evaluation of the students’ work.

A non-credit internship is typically basic in nature, or off timing for the academic semester, and is a relationship between you and the student. They are not subject to the same paperwork and deadlines as for-credit internships.  Post your internship description draft on Handshake above.

For guidance on recruiting for, or not-for credit interns using the flexibility of our program to your advantage, contact us. 

Contact Us

Click the link to connect with an INTERNSHIP MANAGER today! Select the Manager leading the program of study for the type of students you are interested in. 

Thank you!

-Experiential Learning team