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Institute for Professional Excellence (IPEx)
Innovative learning solutions to inspire the best in your workforce.
Current Offerings
Project Management
From skills training to certificate programs to exam prep courses, our offerings will take your experience to the next level, providing value to you and your organization.
Human Resources
Stay up-to-date on best practice that will ensure you remain a high-performing human resources professional with training at Davenport University.
Operations & Supply Chain
Operations management an essential part of running a business; having skills in this area can make you a better manager all round.
Accounting & Finance
Financial knowledge and an understanding of basic accounting skills are of utmost importance for businesses today.
Become a more effective and recognized leader so you can lead your team, increase productivity, and advance in your career.
Learn how to engage and influence your team to increase productivity and collaboration. Get expert instruction on the most relevant leadership topics.
International Business
Experience the best practices of global business for yourself when you take your professional development abroad with the International Business Experience.
Health Course Offerings
Healthcare is one of the fastest growing career fields. However, it takes the right skill and the right certifications to set yourself apart.
Technology Courses
It takes the right skill and the right certifications to set yourself apart from others in the work force.
How Does IPEx Measure Up?
Quality Score

We've had such a positive impact that professionals participating in our training programs report a satisfaction score of 4.6 out of 5 in their training experience. 

Client Engagements Annually

With over 1,000 training, consulting, and corporate coaching engagements per year, IPEx has the depth and breadth of knowledge needed to take your employees to the next level. 

Corporations Served Annually

In a given year, IPEx provides training and consulting to over 100 corporations to enhance employee development and overall business performance. 


With over 20 years of experience in corporate and professional education, IPEx has provided training, coaching, and consulting services in over 20 states nationally. 


IPEx is committed to global partnerships, delivering innovative learning solutions to produce competitive advantages for clients in over 25 countries internationally.

Additional Information

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Professional Development

Results-oriented, targeted professional development programs designed for busy, working professionals.

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Course Calendar

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International Business Experience

Strengthen your leadership skills while building cultural and business acumen.

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Experiential Innovation Labs

IPEx provides engagements with corporate clients through practical learning sessions.

IPEx Insight - Blog

Good professional development has IPEx written all over it. Check out our latest blog. 


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