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Housing Rates

Housing Contracts

2020-2021 Housing Contract

Housing Rates for Fall 2020 and Winter 2021

All housing rates listed are per person, per semester.  Registering for Housing requires a one time application fee of $25 and security deposit of $150. 


Freshman Housing and Dining Rates

The rates listed below are for freshmen living on campus in South Hall or Cook Hall. All students living South, Cook or Meijer  Halls are required to have a Meal Plan, which is included in the price listed.

Room Type Price per Semester
South Hall Quad $5134
South Hall Single $6156
Cook Hall Quad $5134
Cook Hall Double $6156

Upperclass and Transfer Housing

The rates listed below are for upperclass and transfer students living on campus. The cost of the meal plan is not included in the price listed. Cook and Meijer Halls require $1220 minimum meal plan. Panther Woods and Panther Ridge do not require a meal plan.

Room Type Price Per Semester
Cook Hall Quad $3086
Cook Hall Double $3740
Cook Hall Single $4447
Meijer Hall Quad $3086
Meijer Hall Double $3740
Panther Woods: Private Bathroom $3639
Panther Woods: Shared Bathroom $3409
Panther Woods: Double $3865
Panther Ridge: All apartments $3639

Pro-rated Housing Rates

(Fall and Winter Semesters Only)

If you cancel your Housing Contract after you move in, you are subject to the prorated housing rates listed below. Please note that cancelling your housing contract may also result in an additional $300 contract break fee. If you live on campus and cancel your housing, your meal plan will also be cancelled under the same refund amounts.

Time Refund Amount
On or Before the 1st day of classes 100%
During Week 1 90%
During Week 2 80%
During Weeks 3 & 4 70%
During Weeks 5 & 6 60%
During Week 7 50%
After Week 7 0%