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Housing Assignments

2018 - 2019 Housing Assignments Information

General Information

Please click on the links below to learn more about the 2018-2019 assignment process and placement information for new and returning students. Individuals interested in applying for the *current* academic term may do so at any time. 

First Year Housing Assignments

Transfer Student Housing Assignments

Returning Student Housing Assignments

Step 1: Application Reminders

New and Returning students apply via the "Register for Housing" link on the right. Please make sure you know the following information:

  • You must be admitted to Davenport University in order to apply for Davenport Housing
  • In order to complete your Housing Application, you will need to may a payment of $175 for your housing deposit and housing fee. 
  • Students can apply for the 2018/2019 school year beginning January 29th, 2018. Room Assignments for First Year students and Room Selection for Upperclassmen occur after this process (First Year students on June 30th, Upperclassmen on March 25th).  
  • Returning students will need to apply for the 2018/2019 school year before they can participate in Room Selection on March 25th. For more information about this process, please review the Housing Assignments pages above. 

Step 2: Housing Application

Once logged in, apply for the Fall 2018 term. Please follow the section information below:

Section 1: Resident Information

In this section, we ask that you fill out your contact information, provide basic medical information in case of emergencies, and note special requests, including dietary restrictions and accommodations you may need. While it is helpful for the Housing department to know early about special accommodations, please note that all students requesting a specific housing assignment or meal plan due to a medical condition or other accommodations must register with Davenport University's Student Access Coordinator . Housing accommodations will be coordinated based on the Student Access Coordinator's recommendations, date of application, and space availability. 

Section 2: Lifestyle Preferences

This section gives us information we use when assigning rooms and roommates. We ask questions regarding your preferred room atmosphere, interests, sports affiliations, and room preferences. Please note that while we try to make the best matches possible, room and roommate matches are not guaranteed. 

You may also request a particular person to be your roommate in this section. The option for a particular roommate will only be available when that student has been admitted into the University.

  • First Year Students - When First Year Room Assignments are processed on June 30th, our system will give match priority to two roommates who have both requested each other. The system will continue to try to place individuals with their desired roommates after this date.
  • Returning and Transfer Students - Returning students should put down their roommate preferences as well; however, most returning students will select their desired roommates in the Room Draw process on March 25th, 2018. Returning students who do not select their rooms and roommates during the Room Draw will be placed after March 25th - we will attempt to place them with their preferences, if possible.

Section 3: Housing Agreement & Payment

At this point, the student will be prompted to read and agree to what is outlined in the Housing Agreement. Afterwards, the student will finalize the Housing Application by making a total payment of $175 ($150 for the Security Deposit, and $25 for the Application Fee). The Security Deposit guarantees against damages, and upon move-out, the Security Deposit will be refunded pending any outstanding balance or damages. Please note that if the Housing application is cancelled after the student applies, the Security Deposit is forfeited. For new applicants, students may request a refund of the Housing Deposit before June 15th, 2017. The $25 Application Fee is non-refundable and acts as an administrative fee to cover the costs relating to processing the Housing Agreement and administering a background check.  

Step 3: Room and Roommate Notification

Students should expect an e-mail notification with their room and roommate sent to their Davenport e-mail. First year room assignments will be processed on June 30th, 2018, and the assignments will be released on June 30th, 2018. Freshmen residents should continue to check their Davenport e-mail throughout the summer for potential room and roommate updates!

Room Changes

If you would like to be put on a waiting list for a room change to occur over the summer before you arrive, please fill out the form located here! Your name will be added to a list and your room will be changed if a more desirable space opens up.