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Master of Management

Less about numbers - More about management

This degree offers a special master’s program for students wanting to focus their graduate degree on the qualitative aspects – people and organizations - of management.

The Master of Management degree will develop key employee knowledge, skills, and capabilities desired by organizations operating within the dynamic global environment. The focus areas of this 33-credit program include: leadership, stakeholder engagement, a culture of change, collaboration, process management and contemporary structure and design. Theory, application, and reflection are integrated throughout this program to enhance creativity, critical thinking, and decision-making capabilities. Courses are grounded in organizational development and integrate all of the functions of management - managing people/processes/resources.

Program does not require prior business degree or experience – the emphasis is on the study of the major functions of management as a universally applicable skill.

A qualitative focus on leadership, change management and organizational design and development

  • Emphasis on critical thinking and decision-making capabilities
  • 33 credit hours, 21-month completion with flexible course scheduling and is also available online
  • Offered at Peter C. Cook Center in downtown Grand Rapids, Lansing, Livonia and online


Graduates will demonstrate the ability to:

  • Lead innovation through strategic planning, change management and performance improvement initiatives to increase organizational reputation
  • Evaluate systems and processes to improve organizational effectiveness
  • Appraise and justify ethical decision making in light of global business values, diversity and inclusion and sustainable business practices
  • Access and apply leadership constructs for motivating others and developing a collaborative culture
  • Identify ongoing leadership learning opportunities to develop career and personal effectiveness goals


You can complete this DU master’s degree sooner than other graduate degrees since 33 credit hours allow for content to be delivered in a concise and focused manner within less than two years.

Getting started on your master’ degree is easy because you can attend

  • Evenings at three campuses
  • Seven-week classes
  • Six times a year
  • Or online

Why DU?

Davenport graduate programs will help you master the skills needed by rising executives– the advanced degrees that are at the heart of today’s global economy. Supported by our networks in the business community, Davenport graduate degrees are designed to provide you with the leadership skills that will advance your career. You will develop key management capabilities desired by all industries and organizations DU gives you the choices that help you get where the world is going.

Personalized Financial Aid

You may qualify for financial aid up to $2,000 annually in graduate scholarships. Learn about your opportunities from your own financial aid counselor who will help you find your maximum financial aid assistance. You may also be eligible for partnership scholarships.

Choose Your Campus

Work on your master’s degree at our convenient locations:

  • Peter C. Cook Center at 45 Ottawa NW
  • New Lansing campus at 200 S. Grand
  • Livonia campus at 19499 Victor Parkway
  • Free parking at all campuses
  • Or online