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Graduate Programs

Davenport professor writing on a white board in his classroom with students.

We Prepare You for More

In class or at the Global campus, our degrees often lead to high starting salaries for our graduates. Davenport University specializes in meeting the needs of the professional and working adults and getting our degree is easier because of:

  • Prior learning credit opportunities
  • Acceptance of some graduate transfer credits
  • Possibility of taking programs with a cohort
  • Seven-week classes offered throughout the year
  • Classes offered at the Global Campus, in-seat, and in blended formats
Davenport University, with more than 150 years of excellence, only offers graduate programs that have:
  • High-demand in the job market
  • Curriculum based upon employer input
  • Assessment for continual quality improvement
  • Needed content, without extraneous requirements
  • The professional and professional-to-be in mind

We teach the skills employers want

To ensure that your graduate studies deliver critical skills in the latest fields, Davenport consistently:
  • Reviews programs
  • Talks to employers
  • Researches market conditions
  • Applies findings to curriculum

We Help You Look Good

If you are a professional considering a graduate degree, you’re in the right place. Davenport, with a more than 150-year history of excellence, is:
  • Results-oriented
  • Nationally respected
  • Sought after by employers


University Catalogs

See our catalog page for the current catalog issue.


Master of Business Administration

Supported by our network in the business community, as well as our experienced-based faculty, a Davenport University MBA provides you with the leadership and business strengths you need to advance in your current career or to pursue new directions. You can customize your MBA experience, with your choice of graduate concentrations to sharpen your professional skills.

The Davenport MBA is offered in many different ways.
Choose the one that fits you best:

  • Traditional MBA
  • Accelerated MBA

No prerequisites or GRE/GMAT exams are required for acceptance into the program for MBA candidates with an undergraduate business degree. Academic credit may be awarded toward your degree for professional certifications/licenses and corporate/non-corporate training.

Master of Accountancy

Our reputation precedes us, and with this degree, so, too will yours. Davenport University has long been noted for the breadth, professionally focused and practice-based approach to accounting education. The choice of multiple tracks readies you to sit for the CPA, CMA, CIA or CFE exams, or choose to focus more broadly on general accountancy or a finance emphasis. We are also one of only a handful of programs in North America offering graduate-level concentrations in Fraud Investigation, Managerial Accounting and Internal Auditing.

Master of Management

Less about numbers. More about management. This degree is tailored for those with or without a prior business degree or prior business experience. It is a perfect complement for those with technical degrees or for those who are called upon to manage and motivate human capital. More effectively lead innovation and learn the necessary skills of strategic planning, change management and organizational design.

All College of Business Degrees.


Master of Health Informatics and
Information Management (HIIM)

This interdisciplinary program provides a unique blend of business, technology and healthcare graduate education for current health systems environments, ensuring integrity, confidentiality and appropriate access of healthcare information. This includes topics such as:

  • Data collection
  • Storage access
  • Data protection and security
  • Analysis and application

You will be qualified to manage, analyze and transform health information into meaningful intelligence. Join our successful graduates in this fast-growing field.

Master of Science Occupational

This program provides practice-based education that prepares students for contemporary and emerging areas of practice in occupational therapy. Offered only as a full-time program at the W.A. Lettinga campus, be a part of a cohort of students who will progress through the program together.

Master of Science in Nursing

This program offers an advanced level of graduate study for post-licensure baccalaureate registered nurses with a curriculum that reflects the Essentials of Master’s Education in Nursing (AACN, 2011) and the Outcomes and Competencies for Graduates of
Master’s Programs in Nursing (National League of Nursing, 2010).
With a Concentration in Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP)

FNPs are advanced practice-registered nurses who are licensed, certified and independent practitioners that serve as primary care providers to deliver family focused care. FNPs provide high quality, cost-efficient healthcare to a diverse population. A graduate certificate is also available to the nurse who already has a Master of Science in Nursing.

All College of Health Professions Degrees


Master of Science in Computer Science

Capitalize on your tech brain and position yourself to innovate as an entrepreneur in professional level positions or in preparation for subsequent doctoral study. Deepen your knowledge and skills in high demand areas of computer visioning, artificial intelligence and pattern recognition in this challenging, 30-credit program.

Master of Science Information Assurance and Cyber Security

Effectively address the management of risk to organizational and individual information assets, building secure systems that protect confidentiality, accessibility and integrity of these assets. We are proud to be a designated Center of Academic Excellence by the National Centers of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance Education which is jointly sponsored by the National Security Agency and the Department of Homeland Security. This program has relevant and great long-term professional opportunities.

  • Protect any entity’s technological security
  • Lead and manage diverse IT teams
  • Make key decisions regarding wireless/mobile/network security needs

Master of Science Technology Management

This program provides a high quality, interdisciplinary technical and business graduate degree for professionals interested in or presently leading information technology or technology-intensive organizations. Areas of program emphasis include information systems planning, product and project management, risk mitigation, business continuity, total quality management and return-on-investment analysis. Specialized courses are offered in wireless networks: accounting information systems: and banking and financial security, complementing courses emphasizing leadership, change management strategies and technology entrepreneurship. You will also be prepared for the Project Management Professional certification exam developed and conducted by the Project Management Institute.

All College of Technology Degrees


Master of Science Urban Education

Our Master of Urban Education degree is an alternate route toward teacher certification. This program provides extensive practical experience so you can develop the skills conducive for effective teaching in urban schools. New teachers are trained in real-world classrooms, allowing practice of newly acquired skills in real time. Current teachers can fine-tune urban teaching practice through application of our innovative curriculum. You can make a difference in the lives of urban youth while fulfilling credential requirements and obtaining a master’s degree.

College of Urban Education


Master of Science Data Analytics

We offer one of few data analytics online programs in the U.S. and deliver it with quality. This program takes an interdisciplinary and applied-approach to delivering data visualization and statistical simulation, cloud computing and predictive modeling. Prepare to excel as a key decision maker through in-depth analytics knowledge as you:

  • Make valuable predictions about future trends
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Optimize organizational resources

All College of Arts and Sciences Degrees

The DU Advantage

Davenport University specializes in meeting the needs of the professional and working adult. Getting a graduate degree is easier at DU because of:
  • prior learning credit opportunities
  • acceptance of some graduate transfer credits
  • seven-week classes offered throughout the year
  • multiple campus locations including global campus offerings
  • possibility of taking programs with a cohort

Campus Locations

W.A. Lettinga, Grand Rapids
Traverse City