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Plagiarism Prevention

SafeAssign is a plagiarism prevention tool that allows your instructor to check the originality of a homework submission. SafeAssign automatically conducts the check by comparing your assignment against a database of other assignment submissions.

Submitting an assignment through SafeAssign generates a SafeAssign originality report which provides detailed information about the matches found between your submitted paper and existing sources.

View Submissions

View your submission and the SafeAssign reports associated with it by accessing the assignment after you submit your paper.

  • Return to the assignment you submitted previously
  • Under Assignment Details, select SafeAssign
  • View the overall match percentage that SafeAssign detected
  • To learn more, select View Originality Report

SafeAssign Originality Report

A SafeAssign Originality Report is divided into three areas:

  1. Report Summary
  2. Citations
  3. Submission

Report Summary

Report summary appears in the top panel of the report.

Select Access Report Summary to view the Overall Risk of improper citations in the paper, including the percent of matching or similar text.


Sources that match the submitted paper's text are listed in the right panel of the report. Select the source to learn about the match.

For each source, a number appears which corresponds with the highlighted text in the submission. Next to the source, you can select Highlight Match to toggle highlighting.

You can also select open match source to visit the matching source text in a new window.