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Incomplete Request

 Fall 2020

If faced with an emergency such as a severe illness that prevents the completion of a course within the semester, students may request an Incomplete using the Incomplete Request Form. Students must have successfully completed at least 70 percent of the coursework of the affected course for the request to be considered. The faculty member may accept or deny the request. Documentation may be required. The faculty member will complete and sign the form and forward it to their Associate Department Chair.

  1. If approved, a grade of “I” will be recorded on the grade report. A copy of the Request Form will be filed in the Registrar’s Office, and the student and the faculty member will each receive a copy.

  2. The maximum time allowed for an Incomplete is 30 business days after the start of the next semester.  Faculty may designate fewer than 30 business days if they so choose. After 30 business days, the grade will automatically be changed to an “F”.

  3. Students should be aware that an “I” grade in a course does not yet reflect credit in the course. If a course with an “I” grade is a prerequisite for another course, that other course may not be taken until the “I” grade has been changed to reflect a passing grade.

Because the Foundations of Learning courses are self-paced at many locations and are not used in calculating GPA, an “I” Incomplete grade is not permitted. Extenuating circumstances or an emergency as mentioned above may be discussed with the Instructor.

20-21 Academic Year Maximum Incomplete Dates

(30 Days after the next Semester)

Semester Date
Fall 2020 02/19/2021
Winter 2021 06/18/2021
Spring/Summer 2021 10/15/2021
Faculty may assign a due date any time during the end of the course and the maximum due date.  Any outstanding incomplete after these dates will autmatically change to a "F" grade.