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Scholarship Searches


Never, never, never pay for a scholarship search. There are many excellent free resources available, so you do not have to pay to obtain scholarship information.

See our Helpful Hints section of our web site before using these sites below.

Helpful hints for online searches:

  1. Do not pay for a scholarship search. The search options Davenport lists are free searches; however, we encourage students and parents to read carefully all the information.
  2. Do not pay to apply for a scholarship. Do not pay for any kind of "processing" fee.
  3. Set up a separate email account through yahoo, google, hotmail or some other service. Use this separate email just for your scholarship searches. Some scholarship searches do send out advertisements, and using an email account separate from your personal account will better protect your personal account from unwanted emails.
  4. Research scholarships beyond just what the search engines provide.
  5. Be very careful about providing confidential information. You should never have to submit your social security number or anything similar to that. If in doubt, contact your Davenport financial aid counselor.

Scholarship Search Sites