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Nursing / Health Scholarships

Scholarships are a great resource to help reduce your reliance on student loans. Do not be discouraged if you have missed a deadline for a scholarship, most of the scholarship opportunities are offered year after year. Check the website for the current availability. You may also contact the Financial Aid office toll free at (866) 383-3548 for additional financial aid questions.

Scholarships for students in medical fields.

Scholarship Name Amount Due Date
Providian Medical Equipment $500 Jan 15 & June 24
Oncology Nursing Society Up to $5,000 February 1st

Foster G. McGaw
Graduate Student Scholarship

$5,000 March 31st
National Association of Hispanic Nurses $2,000 April 1st
A Place For Mom $1,000 April 15th
KMMBNA $1,000 April 18th
Health Resources and Services Administration Full tuition May 5th
The American Occupational Therapy Association $2,500 May 13th
Aspiring Nurse Scholarship $1,000 June 30th
Thermofisher Scientific Up to $10,000 June 30th
Medical Assistant Degrees $500 June 30 & Dec 31 $1,000 July 31st
Cascade Healthcare Solutions $1,000 August 1st
AHiMA Foundation Varies September 30th $500 October 31st
ACLS Medical Training $1,000 December 31st
The Expert Institute $1,000 December 31st
American Association of Colleges of Nursing Varies Varies
Nurse Journal Varies Varies
Mary Free Bed Scholarship Varies Varies
Health Resources & Services Administration Varies Varies