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Davenport University Tuition Grants

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BE ADVISED:  Only NEW students are eligible to begin participation in a tuition grant program.  Click here to learn what a "new" student is.

What are davenport tuition grants?

Davenport tuition grants are a form of financial aid that provides a tuition-only benefit in the form of a grant to students who are or whose parents/spouse are employed by or members of one of Davenport University's partner organizations.  Davenport has a long and excellent history of building relationships with local businesses and organizations who then partner with Davenport to allow the university to respond to the needs of businesses and employers by offering academic programs that meet the current demands of the marketplace.  In addition, the relationships allow us to offer our students a variety of benefits, including financial aid in the form of tuition grants. 

Learn about the Davenport University Nursing Grant by clicking here.


To apply, please go to the Partnership Discount Application.  When completing the application, choose the name of the employer or organization partnered with Davenport from the drop-down menu.  Once you submit the application, you will receive an email to which you can attach the proof of employment or membership documentation in reply.  If you are a dependent, please also include a Dependency Verification Form.

Proof of employment

Examples of acceptable employment documentation that must be submitted by applicable deadlines include:

  • A recent pay stub (with employee name and company listed)
  • A recent letter from your employer confirming your employment
  • Any other documentation that conclusively proves current employment

Proof of Membership

Examples of acceptable membership documentation that must be submitted by applicable deadlines include:

  • A letter from the organization confirming membership
  • Screenshot of your login to the organization's website
  • Any other documentation that conclusively proves current membership

How does the Davenport Partnership Tuition Grant work with Davenport institutional Aid?

Some Davenport Tuition Grants are not eligible to be combined with other Davenport scholarships, grants, discounts, including the Community Leader scholarship.  (See this list for specific guidelines.)  If a student is eligible for both a Davenport Tuition Grant and a Davenport discount or scholarship, the most beneficial program will automatically be applied to the student’s account.  All Davenport Tuition Grants can be combined with external, non-Davenport scholarships and grants.

Click Here for a List of Current Partners (Login Required)

Future Partnerships

If your employer or an organization with which you are a member wishes to establish a partnership with Davenport University, please have your Human Resources Department contact Davenport at 616-233-2580.


What is the Davenport University Grant?

Davenport University has agreements with many businesses and organizations to offer tuition-only financial assistance for employees and members or their dependents.  The Grant is a general aid program to award students the funds based on the agreement with the business or organization.

Do I have to be a new student to enter a tuition grant program?

Yes.  To begin using a tuition grant, you must enter the tuition grant program as a new (definition below) student unless your discount is newly changing to a tuition grant.  In such a case, you can be a continuing student.  After you begin participation in the tuition grant program and become a continuing student, you can continue receiving the tuition grant so long as you meet other applicable eligibility requirements.

What is a "new" student?

New students are defined as:

  • Students who have never attended any institution of higher education before
  • Students newly entering a graduate program at Davenport
  • Students new to Davenport who have attended other institutions of higher education
  • Students admitted under the "Special" student status, excluding the Success Academy program
  • Students who have attended Davenport as dual enrolled, middle college, IPEX, or success academy students who are now being admitted as regular students
  • Students who have previously attended Davenport but have not taken for-credit courses within the prior 24 months

How will the tuition grant look on my award letter or self-service Banner?

The tuition grant will say either "DU Tuition Grant" or "Corporate Education Scholarship".  If you're recipient of the Davenport University Nursing Grant (see criteria on Google sheet above), your award letter will indicate this with "DU Nursing Grant $5,700/yr max".

Can I receive more than one tuition grant?

No.  Even if you qualify for multiple different tuition grants, you can receive only one.  Davenport will work to ensure that you receive the most beneficial tuition grant.

Can I change from one tuition grant to another?

No.  Students cannot change from one tuition grant to a higher tuition grant even if they become eligible until they are once again considered new.

I used to have a tuition discount.  Where did it go?

The tuition discount is now being awarded directly through the financial aid office.  The dollar value of the discount has not changed.  Davenport is changing the method of awarding the discount to improve information to students.  The grant should function and combine with other financial aid the same way a discount would have.

I used to have special pricing.  Where did that go?

If you qualify for one of Davenport's special tuition pricing programs, your tuition discount will be replaced with a grant of equal value.

How is the grant handled differently from tuition discounts or special pricing?

  1. The primary and most important change is that you will see the grant on your award letter, which allows you to better review all your financial aid in one place and with one department--the Davenport University Financial Aid Office.  This new method provides you with information about your financial aid much earlier than in prior years.  The other benefit is that all your questions can be directed to the Financial Aid Office, giving you a single point of contact for assistance with financial aid.
  2. Secondly, students receiving a partnership grant are subject to financial aid Standards of Academic Progress (SAP).  Thus, to maintain eligibility, you must maintain SAP.  More information about SAP is available here

Can I be enrolled in any degree program and receive the Davenport Tuition Grant?

Some degree programs are excluded from eligibility.  The BSN-Pre Licensure, MS-Family Nurse Practitioner, Occupational Therapy, and Urban Education degree programs are generally excluded from participating in this grant program.  Please reference the table above or contact the Financial Aid Office at or 1-866-774-0004 for more specifics regarding degree program exclusions. Otherwise, when you apply for the grant, the Financial Aid Office will let you know if your specific degree program is excluded from eligibility.

What if my (parent's/spouse's) employer isn't listed as a partner?

Some of Davenport's partnerships are with associations such as the Grand Rapids Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Health and Hospital Association, and Automation Alley.  Thus, working for Cascade Engineering, Meijer, or Kelly Services, for example, could qualify you for a partnership grant.  Check these organizations' website directories to determine if a specific company is a member of one of Davenport's partner organizations.

If your (parent's/spouse's) employer is not a direct partner or a member of an association that is partnered with Davenport, consider becoming a member of one of our partner organizations that are not employment-based such as the West Michigan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce.

How do I apply?

If you are applying for a Tuition Grant, go to the Partnership Discount Application.

Certain tuition grants require no paperwork because Davenport is able to readily identify you based on your degree program and campus location, so you are automatically awarded based on the program that you are currently enrolled in at Davenport University or other internally-identified criteria.  The grant is automatically adjusted based on enrollment.  If your enrollment changes or you otherwise become ineligible, Davenport will adjust your grant amount, including the possibility of removing the grant.

Are there any tuition grants which don't require application?

Yes, the following tuition grants do not require application from the student.  These grants are based off of criteria and information that are already a part of a student's Davenport student record.  As with other tuition grants, there are restrictions for combining these grants with other Davenport aid.  See the table above for details.

  • Special pricing of $470/credit hour for students in the BSN Completion or BSN Concurrent programs.
  • Students admitted into the LPN program assigned to either the Warren or Midland/Great Lakes Bay campus receive 39% off of tuition in the form of a tuition grant.
  • Undergraduate students attending Davenport's Global campus who reside outside of Michigan receive a tuition grant that results in a net tuition charge of $544/credit hour.
  • Undergraduate students transferring to Davenport receive 20% off of tuition in the form of a tuition grant.
  • Students admitted into certain Urban Education degree programs.

Do I have to complete a FAFSA or complete any Financial Aid requirements related to my FAFSA?

A FAFSA and its associated requirements are not required.  However, any SAP requirements or requirements related to proving eligibility for the grant would be required.  Completing a FAFSA may make you eligible for other aid, so you should consider completing one at

What’s the process after I submit the request?

If you are meeting SAP and enrolled in a program that is not excluded by the terms of the contract with the partner organization, the Davenport Financial Aid Office will tentatively award your grant so that you can see it under your awards in the Student Connection.  However, you will need to submit proof of employment or membership in order for the aid to disburse to your account if not already provided.  Information about all of your financial aid can be found in the Student Connection by clicking on "Awards" and "Requirements".

How is the award calculated?

The Davenport Partnership Grant is calculated based upon tuition charges only, so the exact amount of your grant will change if the charges on your account change.  Examples include schedule changes, withdrawal from courses, or other changes to tuition.  The grant applies toward tuition only and does not include other charges such as course fees, books, registration fees, technology fees, student activity fees, or other types of charges.

If you are not scheduled, your award will be estimated based upon an assumed full-time (12 credits undergraduate, 6 credits graduate) schedule.  Once you are scheduled for courses, your award will be recalculated based on your actual schedule.  Once Davenport posts charges to your account, your award will be finalized based on your actual tuition charges.

Are there deadlines?

Yes, deadlines are very important for this program (see the associated Financial Aid Deadlines page).  Your proof of employment/membership and Dependency Verification Form (if applicable) are required by the first Friday after classes start for the given semester in which you are enrolled, typically (but not always) just when you're a new student.  If your documentation arrives after the deadline, your award for that semester will be cancelled.  

What is “proof of employment”?

Proof of Employment can be the most recent pay stub, an employee ID badge if the badge displays dates or information confirming current employment, letter from your/your parent's/your spouse's supervisor, or a letter from your/your parent's/your spouse's employer's human resources department.  Ultimately, proof of employment is any documentation that definitively confirms your/your parent's/your spouse's current employment with an organization.

What is "proof of membership"?

Proof of Membership is a recent letter from the organization of which you/your parent/your spouse is a member confirming membership.

I’m eligible for multiple Davenport programs.  Can I receive multiple Davenport institution aid programs?

Typically, no.  Students receiving the Davenport Tuition Grant will not receive other Davenport aid if the partnership agreement prohibits this (see table above), including other Davenport scholarships, grants, athletic aid, tuition discounts, and foundation awards.  If you qualified for a tuition discount and that discount has now been converted to this grant, the grant can sometimes be combined with any aid with which it was previously able to combine.

My company has an agreement that includes dependents.  What do I need to do?

Some partnership programs include the dependents of employees and members.  Please apply and then complete the Dependency Verification form.

I have other questions. How can I get more information?

If you have any questions about the Tuition Grant, you can contact the financial aid office at or 1-866-774-0004.

What is the Davenport University Nursing Grant?

Davenport University has established a Nursing Grant with a maximum annual award of $5,700.  Only new students who are enrolled in the Pre-Hlt Undcd PreLic BSN, Pre-Licensure Nursing BSN, Bachelor Seeking/UndecidedNurs, or Pre-Hlth Undecided Nursing and who are also assigned to the Lansing or Midland (Great Lakes Bay) or Warren campus are eligible.  Below is a chart that demonstrates how the scholarship will award and pay based on enrollment level.

Semester Award Amount # Credits of Enrollment
$2,850 12+
$2,138 9 -11
$1,425 6 - 8
$0 Fewer than 6


Submission Information

You can submit any paperwork to the Financial Aid Office by uploading the paperwork here, faxing it to 616-732-1141, dropping it off to a campus, or mailing it to:


Davenport University
Attn:  Financial Aid Office
6191 Kraft Ave. SE
Grand Rapids, MI 49512