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Financial Aid & Tuition Calculator

Net Price Calculator

Our Net Price Calculator will help you estimate your tuition costs and your eligibility for financial aid.  The calculator will estimate the following for you:

  • Annual full-time tuition & fees (assuming two semesters at 15 credits per semester)
  • Books & supplies
  • Room & board, whether living in on-campus or off-campus
  • Personal expenses & transportation
  • Eligibility for federal and state grant & loan programs
  • Eligibility for standard Davenport scholarships & grants

The calculator is only an estimate; however, it does provide a good indication of the cost of attendance and your eligibility for financial aid.  Please keep in mind this is only an estimate based on information you provide. Your actual costs will be determined after you schedule courses and the Davenport Accounts Receivable Department assesses tuition and fees for the semester.

2022-2023 Tuition & Fees

Housing & Meal Plans :  Click here to view housing and meal plan options.


Tuition & Fees:

The tuition rates and fees listed below are effective for the spring/summer semester starting in May 2022. 

The charts below provide estimated tuition charges based upon the number of credit hours and number of semesters a student might be enrolled in.  Please note that these charts refer to tuition.  Further down on this page, you can find information about fees and books.  For the purposes of simplicity, these charts are based upon in-seat tuition.

Tuition must be paid before the start of the semester via money order, personal check, charge card or payment plan. Payment plan details can be obtained from the DU campus you attend.  Please note that Davenport charges a 3% convenience fee on credit card and debit card transactions.  Students can avoid this charge by using electronic check or other payment options.

To view a sample of Cost of Attendance Budgets, which include tuition charges, click here.


Undergraduate Estimated Tuition

In-seat Tuition (@ $885/cr. hr.)

Number of Credits per semester

One Semester

Two Semesters

Three Semesters






Full-time 12 $10,620 $21,240 $31,860

Three-Quarter time

 9 $7,965



Half-time  6 $5,310 $10,620 $15,930
Less than half time 3 $2,655 $5,310 $7,965

Online Tuition (Michigan residents) 

$885 per credit hour  



Online Tuition (non-Michigan residents)

Net of $598 per credit hour*      

*The Online Tuition for non-Michigan residents is a net of the standard online tuition rate of $885 minus a Davenport Tuition Grant of $287 per credit, resulting in a net charge of $598 per credit.  Students who are receiving this tuition rate will not qualify for other forms of Davenport scholarships, grants, or discounts.

Note: Total costs do not include books and fees. Costs may vary among campuses.

Graduate Estimated Tuition

In-seat Tuition (@ $959/cr. hr.)

Number of Credits per semester

One Semester

Two Semesters

Three Semesters






Full-time 6 $5,754 $11,508 $17,262
Half-time 3 $2,877 $5,754 $8,631

Online Tuition

$959 per credit hour




Note: Total costs do not include books and fees. Costs may vary among campuses.

Other Costs of Attendance
Nursing Tuition (per credit hour) $929
Dual Enrollment Tuition (per credit hour) $178
Success Academy (per course) $419
Fees  2021/2022 2022/2023
Undergraduate Application Fee (one time) $25 $25
Graduate Application Fee (one time) $25 $25
International Application Fee (one time, except for partnership schools) $50 $50
Registration Fee (per semester) $215 $219
Technology Fee (per semester) $120 $125
Student Activity Fee (per semester for Lettinga students only)



Student Activity Fee (per semester for non-Lettinga campus students)



Student Accident Plan Fee



Wellness Center Fee (per semester for Lettinga students only)  


Course fees -- some Davenport courses have course fees to cover expenses related to a given course, such as software licenses, e-books, and similar expenses.  See a list of course fees using links below.

2021-2022 course fees

2022-2023 course fees


Note: Other fees include late payment fee, returned check fee, transcript fee, etc. Please see the catalog for a complete listing.    

Master of Science in Occupational Therapy -- Cost Estimate Planning Tool

The following chart is based upon tuition rates and fees for the 2022/2023 academic year.  This chart is meant as a planning tool and provides students a good faith estimate of costs.  Tuition and fees are subject to change on an annual basis.  This estimate does not include housing, food, transportation and other personal costs.
Tuition for 2022/2023 academic year = $959 per credit hour.
Below is an estimate of costs for Year 1 of the OT program.  Click here to view a cost estimate for the entire program.

Year 1

  Fall Semester Winter Semester Summer Semester Year 1 Total
Credits 16 16 3 35
Total tuition


$2,877 $33,565
Course Fees $405 $75 $0 $480
Registration Fee $215 $215 $215 $645
Technology $120 $120 $120 $360
Student Activity Fee $115 $115 $115 $345
Student Accident Plan Fee $20 $20 $20 $60
Book & Supplies (estimated) $750 $450 $0 $1,200
Total Costs $16,969 $16,339 $3,347 $36,655