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Payment Options and Bursar Information

The transactions below and virtually all other student transactions with the University - are conducted online through the Student Payment Center (DU student login required).

Bursar Information

Payment, billing, and other Information about your student account are found on the Bursar's office web site (login required).

Panther OneCard

All students will receive a Panther OneCard, which is your student ID. If you have excess financial aid, the Panther OneCard also streamlines the refund process so that you receive funds electronically. As an admitted student, you will receive more information during orientation and/or through your admissions representative.

For Parents/Authorized Users

As a parent or authorized user, you have the option to add funds to your student's account and/or monitor the account directly.  Because of Federal privacy laws (FERPA), the student is the only person who can grant access to his/her account. Click here to go to the Account Center (login required).

Tuition Refund Policy (for withdrawing from a class)

Sometimes students need to withdraw from courses. Davenport's policy for tuition refunds explains whether or not you might be eligible for a tuition credit.  Often when you withdraw, the financial aid office is required by federal law to make adjustments to your financial aid.  This calculation might result in some of your financial aid being sent back to the federal government.  If this happens, then you will end up owing Davenport the resulting balance.

1098-T Tax & IRS Information

You will need the 1098T form (login required) to file with your income tax return if you've received financial aid during the calendar year.

How and when do I get my loan refund?

After the drop/add date for each semester, your financial aid award is disbursed (paid) to your account. Lenders generally send loan funds to Davenport approximately 3 - 4 weeks after the start of a semester.

The money is first used to pay:

  • tuition charges
  • fees
  • books
  • residence hall charges (if any). 

After those payments, it is possible that you may have excess financial aid (or in other words, a credit balance). Davenport will send your excess financial aid to you via the Panther OneCard. Read more details about that process in the section about Excess Financial Aid.