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Financial Aid for the Spring/Summer Semester

The summer months don’t have to slow down your degree completion.  You can take courses in the Spring/Summer semester because not only are many courses still offered in the Spring/Summer semester, but also many forms of financial aid are available to you for Spring/Summer enrollment.  

In addition to the availability of financial aid, enrollment in the Spring/Summer semester offers the following potential benefits:

  • Reduced on-campus housing rates
  • Maximization of scholarship awards
  • Accelerated degree completion/graduation.  The sooner you graduate, the sooner you can start your career!
  • Continuous enrollment (if at least half-time) means your loan in-school deferment status is less likely to get interrupted.

Availability     FAQS

Availability of Financial Aid in the Spring/Summer Semester

Academic Scholarships

Using your academic scholarship in the Spring/Summer semester ensures you are helping to maximize the dollar amount of the academic scholarship.  If you have an academic scholarship and haven't taken a full-time credit load in both the Fall and Winter semesters, you will have some scholarship funds remaining that can be used in the Spring/Semester semester provided you take at least a half-time credit load.  Not attending the Spring/Summer semester leaves some of scholarship eligibility left unused, and any unused portion can’t be accessed at a later date.

Start your degree program early!  New Davenport students who start as regular, admitted students the Spring/Summer semester can receive their academic scholarships for the Spring/Summer semester without it counting against the four years of eligibility.  Thus, if you plan to start in the Fall semester and are eligible for an academic scholarship, consider starting your enrollment a semester earlier in the Spring/Summer semester instead and access the academic scholarship without affecting the four years of eligibility.  

Athletic Scholarships

In limited circumstances, you may be able to receive Athletic Scholarships for the Spring/Summer semester.  You will need to contact your coach to see if funds are available.  Visit the Financial Aid Information for Student Athletes page for more information.

Tuition Grants

Davenport University's tuition grants are available all year at any enrollment status.  Learn more here.

Pell Grants

You can receive the Pell Grant during all three of Davenport’s semesters.  The only limitation that is specific to the Spring/Summer semester to receiving the Pell Grant is that if you used a full-time Pell Grant award in both the Fall and Winter semesters of the year, you must be enrolled in at least six credit hours in the Spring/Summer semester to receive an award.  Learn more here and here.

Federal SEOG

SEOG can be used for Spring/Summer if there are funds available.

Tuition Incentive Program (TIP I and II)

You can receive TIP I in the Spring/Summer semester if you were not enrolled in 24 credits in Fall and Winter Semester.  To be eligible for TIP I, you must be enrolled half-time (six credits) and the classes must apply to your Associate's degree.  You can receive TIP II for all three semesters as long as you still have eligibility and are enrolled at least half-time (six credits). 

Michigan Tuition Grant

The Michigan Tuition Grant (MTG) is not available in the Spring/Summer semester.

Federal Direct Loans

Loan eligibility determination is the same across all semesters at Davenport.  Although some schools limit student loan awards to an annual amount over an entire academic year, Davenport chooses to allow students to renew their annual loan eligibility every two semesters of enrollment.  Even if you have used your maximum annual loan amount in the Fall and Winter semesters, you may be able to start your annual borrowing over again in the Spring/Summer semester as long as you are enrolled at least half-time.  Thus, there is not necessarily an interruption in your ability to borrow student loans simply because you are attending an optional semester.  

If you have not been awarded a loan for the Spring/Summer semester and you are planning to enroll half-time for that semester, you can make an online request for a loan here.

Note:  Any Federal Direct subsidized or unsubsidized loan that is already accepted will be awarded as accepted for the Spring/Summer semester.  You will not have to re-accept it.

Consortium Agreements

Consortium agreements are available in the Spring/Summer semester.  To learn more about how to blend your course schedule between Davenport and another school and still receive financial aid at Davenport for both schools, click here.

Private (Alternative) Loan Applications

You can apply for a private, credit-based loan by going here.  Once you do this, you will be taken to a website that lists the private lenders with whom Davenport University students have chosen to apply for educational loans.  You may choose any private lender even if it is not listed.  Private loans are a popular option with students whose parents would rather cosign on a loan than have a Parent PLUS loan exclusively in their name.  Oftentimes private loans can be deferred while you are in school, some lenders do not require half-time enrollment, and lenders do not charge origination fees.  Although the interest rate on private loans is usually not as beneficial as that of government loans, if you have no additional government loan options, a private loan is a viable alternative.


When will I get awarded for the Spring/Summer semester?

We award students Spring/Summer aid starting around the end of October for the students who are scheduled for Spring/Summer.  As students enroll throughout the year, a Spring/Summer award is added.  Students can email the Financial Aid Office to see what financial aid they could be eligible for before they schedule for Spring/Summer.

Do all students have to first schedule for Spring/Summer before an award is applied?

No.  If your first semester of the academic year is Winter, we will award you for both the Winter and the Spring/Summer semesters at the same time.  If your first semester of the academic year is Fall, you can request a Spring/Summer award be applied even if you haven't enrolled by contacting the Financial Aid Office.

Do I have to attend the Spring/Summer semester to keep my loans in deferment?

Generally, no.  Federal Direct Loan servicers view summer semesters as an optional semester for attendance.  If you have a private or alternative loan, check with your lender for details regarding in-school deferment status.

Can my parents take out a Parent PLUS loan in the Spring/Summer semester?

Eligibility for Federal Direct Loans is the same regardless of which semester you attend.  Find more information here.

Can I receive a Graduate PLUS loan in the Spring/Summer semester?

Eligibility for Federal Direct Loans is the same regardless of which semester you attend.  Find more information here.

Do I have to be enrolled half-time to receive aid?

Some forms of financial aid like scholarships and Federal Direct loans require half-time (six credits undergraduate, three credits graduate) enrollment.  Other forms don't necessarily require half-time enrollment.  See the list of aid types above for more details.

Can I use financial aid to pay for housing even if I'm not enrolled?

You can receive financial aid only if you are enrolled in courses.  If you live on campus and have no classes, you will not be eligible for financial aid awards.