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Standards of Academic Progress

Stay Eligible. Make Progress.

You, and every student at DU, must meet a basic Standard of Academic Progress (SAP) in order to stay enrolled and receive any type of financial aid. If you don't meet our basic SAP, financial aid will be taken away. Don't let this happen. 

Three factors affect your ability to continue receiving financial aid:

  • Cumulative GPA of all your courses at Davenport. This includes incompletes because these are treated as failures if the requirements are not completed.
  • Pace, which is the percentage of the courses that you have successfully completed
  • Maximum Timeframe, which is the maximum number of courses you can attempt within your degree program. This is typically 150% of the number of courses required for your program.

Watch your cumulative grades, and class completion rate. If you drop or fail, visit your advisor and financial aid counselor right away. We will do everything we can to help you meet the minimum requirements you need to keep your Title IV aid each year.

Students should file an appeal if the Financial Aid Office has notified them that they need to submit an appeal.  For more information on appealing click here.