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Scholarship Renewal

To Renew or Appeal Loss of Scholarships

  1. Check your scholarship renewal criteria.

Reasons for Scholarship Loss 

  • Your cumulative GPA falls below the minimum GPA required for your scholarship
  • You failed to meet the continuous enrollment requirement of the scholarship by sitting out one semester.
  • Disciplinary action for failure to comply with Student Code of Conduct

To Appeal a Scholarship Loss

If you have lost your scholarship, you can appeal, IF you are meeting Standards of Academic Progress (SAP). The scholarship loss and appeal policy applies to all institutional scholarship programs that are renewable. To appeal:

  1. Submit a written appeal to your Financial Aid counselor (email accepted) within 14 days of the end of the semester.  
  2. Include an explanation of the mitigating circumstances (reason the loss of scholarship is not valid)
  3. Provide documentation that supports your position.  
  4. You may only appeal scholarship loss ONE TIME during your Davenport enrollment.
  5. If your appeal is granted, you must meet the minimum GPA required by your scholarship for the term the appeal is granted, and all other scholarship criteria to keep the award.

Appeals may be granted based on the special circumstance related to the lower GPA and/or the reason for sitting out a semester.

The final decision rests with the scholarship review panel.