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Financial Aid and Drop/Withdrawal

Financial Aid Effects of Schedule Changes

If you are considering changing your academic schedule, please contact your Academic Advisor for information regarding how you will be charged.  Otherwise, you can refer to this refund and withdrawal schedule.  Note:  The Financial Aid Office does not manage the refund or withdrawal schedule, so inquiries related to your academic schedule should begin with your Academic Advisor.

The Financial Aid Office is notified of schedule changes and responds accordingly by adjusting aid if required.  It is not advisable to attempt to calculate a final outcome of a schedule change prior to the schedule change and its associated calculation.  Only after you actually adjust your schedule will the Financial Aid Office perform a final and authoritative review of your aid eligibility.

What is the difference between dropping and withdrawing from a course?

Dropping a course means that the class is removed from the student’s record.  There is no ‘W’ or other grade, and there are no tuition charges.  The last date to drop a class varies each session or semester and is published by the university in the class schedule and online here.

Withdrawing from a course means that the class was attended, even if only once, and that the student subsequently stops attending that course.  The student still incurs a tuition charge for the course, even if it’s only a percentage of the full charge of the course.  A withdrawal will occur only after the class has started.  Click here to view the refund and withdrawal schedule and here to view the academic calendar. 

How is my financial aid affected?

Dropping or withdrawing from a course will have varying effects on your financial aid package.  After you have dropped or withdrawn from a course, the Financial Aid Office will be notified and will make any necessary updates to your financial aid package.  You will be notified of any changes made.  Unlike dropping a course, withdrawing will affect your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) completion and maximum timeframe calculations.  Read more here.

Learn more about adds, drops, withdrawals and calculations for returning aid here.

What if I still have questions?

For questions regarding the financial aid impact of your schedule change, you can contact the Financial Aid Office at or 1-866-774-0004.

For questions regarding refunds that result from a schedule change, you can contact the Bursar's Office at or 1-800-266-6158.

For questions regarding schedule changes, please contact your Academic Advisor before contacting Financial Aid.