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Transfer Student Checklist

Welcome transfer students

  1. Apply for Admission
  2. Check Davenport scholarships. Make sure that you have sent in all transcripts from each college/university you have attended. Scholarships are based upon your most recent college you attended where you earned at least 15 credits.
  3. Complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) This application is free and can be completed online at This information will be submitted to the Department of Education. You will need Davenport's school code if you wish to have your FAFSA information sent to our Financial Aid Office; Davenport's school code is 002249. The Department of Education will then determine your EFC (Expected Family Contribution), which determines your eligibility for various federal and state financial aid programs and for Davenport scholarships.
  4. Review your Student Aid Report (SAR) and make corrections if needed.
  5. Review your status on the Davenportal and review all communication and submit any requests for additional information if required.
  6. Apply for Davenport Foundation Scholarships
  7. Research other non-Davenport scholarships
  8. Review your award letter on the Davenportal.
  9. Review the Smart Borrowing information
  10. Check your loan aggregates on NSLDS and compare your total loans to the federal lifetime loan limits.  Meet with your financial aid counselor to discuss options for borrowing.
  11. If you requested Stafford Loans, you may need to complete Entrance Loan Counseling and a Master Promissory Note (review the loan section under Types of Aid for additional information).
  12. If you wish to research private/alternative bank loans, please contact your financial aid counselor.

Transfer Students and Loan Eligibility

Federal regulations require that transfer student rules apply to all students who have attended another postsecondary educational institution and the prior school’s academic year or loan period overlaps the academic year or loan period at Davenport University.  The new institution (Davenport) is required to ensure that the new loan amount, when combined with any amounts previously borrowed, does not exceed the annual loan limits for the student’s grade level at Davenport.  This means that loan eligibility may be reduced for transfer students during the first and sometimes second semesters of enrollment at Davenport.

A transfer student’s grade level is determined by the number of credits the student has earned at Davenport, combined with the total of transfer credits accepted by Davenport that apply to the student’s declared program of study.  During the academic year applicable for the annual loan limit (two consecutive semesters), a student’s loan amount can be increased only if there is remaining eligibility up to the annual loan limit, or the student has advanced a grade level within the declared program of study at Davenport (the loan amount may be limited by the Cost of Attendance or Need, depending on the loan type).  Annual loan limits are prorated for programs less than one year in length, and for remaining portions of programs less than an academic year in length, when a student is completing the program.