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Ready, Set, Start!

These are various tasks you need to check each Semester.

Accept/Reduce/Decline Loans (for your first semester for the academic year):

  • Log into the Student Connection
  • Click on the Accept your loan link under Financial Tools - Financial Aid
  • Click on Financial Aid folder
  • Click on Award folder
  • Click on Award for Aid Year folder
  • Click on the arrow to Select Aid Year and choose the appropriate aid year
  • Click Submit
  • Click on Accept Award Offer tab at the top. The Accept Award column are the total funds that you may accept for the entire year, and will have a drop down arrow allowing you to accept the full amount, reduce or decline the award.  To accept a partial amount, type in how much of the award you would like to receive in the Accept Partial Amount text box  The amount you accept will be split evenly between the semesters that are awarded.
  • Click on Submit Decision

Complete the payment process (each semester):

  • Log into the Student Connection
  • Click on the Complete payment process link under Financial Tools - Student Payment Center.
  • Click on the link below the big red box and follow the instructions.  By doing this, you are reserving your seat and will avoid having your classes dropped.
  • Important: This process will also walk you through requesting a book voucher if you are eligible.

View your charges and set-up payment

  • Log into the Student Connection
  • Click on the Student Payment Center link under Financial Tools - Student Payment Center.
  • All of your awarded financial aid should appear.  If it does not, contact your financial aid counselor.  If you have a negative balance, that means you have financial aid coming back to you as a refund, and are eligible to request a book voucher.  If you do not have enough financial aid to fully cover your costs, you may either set up a payment plan or pay in full through tabs on this site.

Order Your Books

Attend Orientation (new students or students who have not attended in several years)

New to Global Campus

  • If you have never taken an online course, it is recommended you complete a blackboard tutorial PRIOR to the start of your courses.