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These are various government web sites that are useful for financial aid planning.


Direct Loan Consolidation provides information about consolidating student loans and is very useful for students who have graduated or stopped attending school.

Direct Loan Servicing Online is a site that provides loan repayment information and has other resources for questions students might have about their loans.

Federal Direct Lending Program -- This site has all the information students need about federal student loans.

National Student Loan Data Systems (NSLDS) provides detailed history about student loans, including exit counseling and repayment information.

Pin Request and Information is the site where students and parents can obtain a PIN for completing the FAFSA, the loan Master Promissory Note, and other federal forms. is an excellent resource for people who are planning to attend college. It is especially helpful for both high school students and for adults planning to return to college.

U.S. Department of Education -- This is the home page for the federal Department of Education.

Military Resources

GI Bill

Selective Service System

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs


Michigan Guaranty Agency provides information about student loans.

Michigan Education Savings Program (MESP) is a state program to assist parents of younger children with saving for college.

Michigan Education Trust (MET) is a state program to assist parents of younger children with saving for college

Michigan Student Financial Aid Association (MSFAA) is a professional association of financial aid professionals in the State of Michigan

Paying for College - Michigan Student Financial Aid web site that provides many resources for students and parents.