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Award Notification Information

Additional information concerning your award notification

  • Financial aid awards are made based on full-time attendance (12 credits undergraduate, 6 credits graduate).
  • Most grants and scholarships prorate according to your enrollment status. Information regarding adjustments is available.
  • Most students are awarded their base-level loan eligibility. Typically this is a student's "subsidized" loan eligibility. You may be eligible for additional loan funds. Financial Aid Counselors are available to assist with debt management and advise students on how to maximize their financial aid before they reach their lifetime loan limits.
  • Resources including a tuition calculator, scholarship searches, and smart borrowing resources are available on the DU website.
  • Revisions to your financial aid award may result from one of the following:
    • Awarding of additional aid
    • Enrollment status change -- full-time, part-time, or less than part-time
    • Receipt of additional financial resources
    • Adjustment due to change in federal and/or state funding level
    • Correction of information reported on your FAFSA or any other document
    • Failure to successfully complete a session or semester
    • Failure to maintain Standards of Academic Progress (SAP)
    • Awarding of a tuition discount
  • For continuing students, DU scholarships are awarded as estimated until winter semester grades have posted and CGPA's have been reviewed.
  • Additional loan funds may be requested by completing a Loan Request Form.