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Si Se Puede Cesar E. Chavez Scholarship

Si Se Puede Cesar E. Chavez Scholarship

Application must be submitted by December 2nd

  • To Qualify: Must have a minimum 2.00 GPA (end of junior year).  Recommended enrollment of 12 credit hours per fall and winter semester, with spring summer enrollment of 6 credit hours. Minimum of 6 credit hours per semester required. 
  • Applicants must be new high school graduates.
  • Students involved in community service and/or activities in support of diversity and inclusion are encouraged to apply.
  • If you do not know your Student ID number, please contact Admissions for this information or to complete the admissions process.
  • Renewable: Up to 4 years or bachelor's degree (whichever is shorter)
  • Renewal CGPA: Students must maintain Standards of Academic Progress
The following information is requested for the purpose of determining compliance with federal civil rights laws. Your response will not affect consideration of your application. By providing this information, you will assist us in assuring that programs are administered in a nondiscriminatory manner. Are you of Hispanic/Latino or of Spanish origin?
From the following five racial groups, please select one or more races to describe your origin: