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Alexander Israetel

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Alexander Israetel, Professor
Mathematics, Faculty
College of Arts and Sciences
Ph D from Institute of Terrestrial Magnetism,the Ionosphere and Radio Wave Propagation, Russian Academy of Sciences , 1982
MS from Turkmen State University, 1976
Warren Campus

Professor Israetel has been teaching at Davenport University for more than 11 years in mathematics and statistics. He also taught various math courses at Lawrence Technological University, Oakland CC, Henry Ford CC and, Schoolcraft College. Since 2006 Alexander has been running a math seminar on Overcoming Math/Test Anxiety and Improving Math Study Skills.

His research experience includes Statistical Research of Correlation between Graduation rate and Percent of full-time faculty, Linear Regression and Predictions, Active Learning Exercise which Focuses on Statistical Analysis with MINITAB, Study on Benefits of Co-Teaching in relation to Student Learning, Global mathematical modeling of the Ionosphere and Long-Distance Radio Propagation. Alexander has published over 20 international scientific articles.

In regard to his teaching, Prof. Israetel says, “I am committed to teaching both content and learning strategies and greatly concerned about student’s learning progress.”

  • Excellence in Teaching Award, 2011
  • Instructor of the Year, 2003