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Tamara VandenBerg

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Tamara VandenBerg, Instructor
Accounting & Finance, Associate Department Chair
Maine College of Business
In Progress PhD from Northcentral University, 2021
Post Graduate Certificate from Davenport University, 2014
Kalamazoo Campus

With professional and academic experience in both accounting and finance, Tamara VandenBerg serves as the Associate Department Chair for the accounting and finance department in the Donald W. Maine College of Business. In this role she is engaged in the campuses she serves in ensuring that the accounting and finance students are served well in their classes and learning outcomes are met while working to promote the program.

Tamara started working as a bookkeeper in two small enterprises as a teenager and fell in love with accounting. After graduating with a bachelor’s degree in accounting, Tamara worked for over 11 years at a small poultry equipment manufacturer, starting as a clerk and working her way to being the top U.S. accountant for the company, working in international accounting and becoming a consolidation specialist for their Germany and Brazil parent and subsidiary companies. Tamara also had additional responsibilities in managing the foreign currency risk exposures and using her minor in Spanish to work with collecting funds from Latin American countries. Tamara also spent 6 years working as an Accounting Manager for a third party logistics company, providing accounting and financial support directly to 12 large warehousing operations. Her clients included Target, Sara Lee, Kraft Foods, other specialized food companies. Tamara was also the consolidation specialist for the company managing the consolidations into the parent company, as well as budgeting and capital asset management. Tamara has also spent 4 years as the business manager for multiple local newspapers fixing significant issues with the accounting, managing accounting system conversions as well as creating procedures for improving the accounting internal controls.

Professor VandenBerg is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) through the Institute of Management Accounting (IMA). The CMA designation shows that the holder demonstrates advanced management accounting as well as financial management skills, including financial planning, cost control, decision support, and a strong training in the critical thinking required to demonstrate strong professional ethics. She teaches accounting courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level in the Accounting and Finance Department, which is accredited by the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE).

Tamara is currently pursuing a PhD in Business Management with a focus in Accounting from Capella University. Current research is in the incidence and ethics of taxation for low income people as well as a comparison of accounting information presented to the public according to generally accepted accounting principles versus accounting information presented to the public using cost accounting techniques, which is normally reserved for internal performance review.