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Todd Terry

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Todd Terry, Assistant Professor
Management, Associate Department Chair
Maine College of Business
In Progress (PhD) from Regent University,
MBA from University of Phoenix, 2004
Holland Campus

With knowledge in business processes that include management roles and entrepreneurial practices, Todd Terry serves as the Associate Department Chair for Management in the Donald W. Maine College of Business. In this role he is engaged in curriculum design as well as staffing and scheduling of classes.

Upon graduating with his Bachelors of Business Administration degree, Todd Terry obtained a management position with a Michigan Based retail company. During his 16 years of employment with this organization Todd held various management positions. Job related functions associated with these various positions include human resource process, inventory control, product placement and marketing research. Professor Terry has an entrepreneurial background and has developed an international distribution business. Having an understanding of entrepreneurial practices permits him to guide entrepreneurs through the startup process. Todd has provided consulting services to small businesses, with a focus on medical and dental offices.

Todd Terry has presented at the Academic and Business Research Institute on team leadership concepts in regards to cross functional teams. His article “Cross Functional Teams: Intellectual Stimulation and Charisma” was published in the Journal of Management and Marketing Research. After publishing his article Todd was asked to serve as an academic reviewer for the Journal of Management and Marketing.