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Susan Gunn

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Susan Gunn, Assistant Professor
Urban Education, Dean
College of Urban Education
Ph D from University of Michigan, 1991
Warren Campus

Susan Gunn joined the faculty of Davenport University in 2010. Her teaching experience covers a broad range of levels from high school to college courses to medical school programs. She has taught and formulated courses in Human Genetics, Laboratory Microbiology for Nursing, Microbiology for Allied Health majors, Introductory Microbiology, and Introductory Biology.

Her doctoral studies involved analyzing the regulation of gene expression in the Adenovirus Major Late Transcription Unit. Susan’s post-doctoral research was conducted with Dr. Francis Collins at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, University of Michigan Medical School. Her project was to construct an animal model for the genetic disease neurofibromatosis.

Susan strives to ensure her students have a clear understanding of how relevant science is to their lives. She frequently tells her students “Science impacts almost every area of life. Thus, it is important to be scientifically literate as citizens.”