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Neil Shepard

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Neil Shepard, Instructor
Social Science, Faculty
College of Arts and Sciences
Ph D from Bowling Green State University,
MA from California State University, 2004
Grand Rapids Campus

Neil Shepard has been with Davenport University since 2008. He is a faculty member in the Department of Social Sciences and Humanities in the College of Arts and Sciences. Since joining the Davenport community, Neil has taught Diversity in Society, Freshman Seminar and Sociology. Neil also has previous experience teaching courses in Ethnic Studies, research and writing. In addition to working with Davenport faculty, staff and students in a number of University committees and organizations, Neil serves on the board of the Humanities Education Research Association.

Neil’s particular academic research interests focus on disability studies; in particular, he is interested in studying representations of autism in a historical and contemporary cultural context. He also has a strong interest in pedagogical praxis and theory in his content areas.

Neil’s teaching philosophy is based on his interest in and enthusiasm for his subject matter and his strong belief in fostering cultural competence, critical thinking, problem solving and strong communication skills in his students. “For me,” Neil says “the most rewarding thing about teaching is seeing students express an enthusiasm about critically engaging with their social world.”