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Kim Garza

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Kim Garza
Nursing, Faculty
College of Health Professions
MSN from Ferris State University, 2014
BSN from Ferris State University, 2009
Lansing Campus

With expertise in nursing practice, Kim Garza serves as a fulltime nursing faculty member for Davenport University, Lansing Campus. In this role she is engaged in nurturing all nursing students toward success. In addition, as a dedicated team member, she is fully involved in Davenport’s Nursing Program development.

Instructor Garza started teaching at DU in 2014. In addition to teaching didactic nursing courses, she provides hands on learning opportunities, by teaching nursing lab and clinical courses. Instructor Garza teaches Foundations of Nursing and Critical Thinking, (didactic, lab/simulation, and clinical); Mental Health Nursing Across the Lifespan, (didactic and clinical); Health Promotion and Education (didactic); and Evidence Based Nursing Practice (didactic). She has also taught Health Assessment Lab, and Nursing Care of Adults II Lab and Senior Nursing Seminar.

As a seasoned nursing professional, Kim Garza, has 35 plus years of varied nursing experience to share with the nursing students. Her first 6 years of nursing was as a Licensed Practical Nurse, and then 30 years as a Registered Professional Nurse. Her nursing experience extends from geriatrics to emergency nursing, and from wound healing to research nurse. Her most recent nursing practice was at Covenant Medical Health Care Center, in Saginaw, Michigan. At Covenant she had the pleasure of working in Orthopedics, the Emergency Room, the Chest Pain/Clinical Decision Unit, the Wound Healing/ Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Center, and the Covenant Research Office. Previous to this she worked in a pediatric clinic, and as a contract nurse for the Delphi Automotive Plant Medical Departments and for the Saginaw Adult Foster Care Homes in Michigan. Prior to this, she worked for a private ambulatory clinic/special procedures and surgi-center in New York. Which brings one back to the beginning of her nursing career when she cared for geriatric populations in nursing homes, and in pediatric/adult locked mental health units in a hospital in Wisconsin.