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Janine Blakeslee

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Janine Blakeslee, Instructor
Nursing, Faculty
College of Health Professions
Ed.D. from Walden University, 2019
Grand Rapids Campus

Janine Blakeslee joined Davenport University as full-time faculty in the fall of 2011. She became a Registered Nurse in 2001 and worked for 15 years at Spectrum Health in Grand Rapids with specialties in medical-surgical, oncology, and critical care. During her time as a nurse, she was a preceptor for many new nurses to the units where she worked and was involved in nursing education at the hospital. Janine knew that teaching nursing students was a path she needed to pursue and obtained her Master’s in Nursing Education to achieve that goal.

Janine’s teaching specialty at Davenport is medical-surgical in classroom, clinical, and simulation formats. Her teaching philosophy focuses on active learning and encouraging critical thinking skills in her students. She loves being able to teach the theory part of nursing to students in the classroom as well as the technical (hands-on) part to students during their clinical rotations. She states that she has now found her dream job because she is able to combine her passion for both nursing and teaching.

As a life-long learner, Janine has obtained her Certification as a Nurse Educator (CNE). She also received a Doctorate of Education at Walden University in 2019. Her doctoral study focused on high-fidelity simulation and its effects on the critical thinking skills of nursing students.

  • Excellence in Teaching Award, 2015
  • Jack Family Award for Nursing Excellence, 2004