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Carley Davidson

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Carley Davidson, Instructor
Allied Health, Teaching and Learning Coordinator
College of Health Professions
MBA from Davenport University, 2014
MS from The University of Delaware, 2002
Online Campus

Prior to joining Davenport University, Professor Davidson began her career with a Bachelor degree in Biology, after which she promptly attained a Master in Science degree from the University of Delaware. At University of Delaware, Professor Davidson focused her studies on Plant Pathology, specifically diseases affecting lima beans. Since graduation, Professor Davidson’s research has been varied from plant biotechnology labs, developing novel diagnostic techniques for field use, to research on the molecular biology of serotonin receptors and their role in human cancer. Throughout her graduate studies, Professor Davidson had the opportunity to instruct a variety of laboratory settings ranging from the introductory to the more advanced cellular and molecular biology courses, after which her focus turned towards facilitating online education.

With an extensive background in science, Professor Davidson changed her focus to public health. In 2014 Professor Davidson obtained her MBA. At the present, Professor Davidson is the Teaching and Learning Coordinator for the Allied Health Global Campus Program and helps facilitate the running operations of the online classes as well as teach courses herself.