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Student & Faculty Testimonials

Student Experiences at Davenport

Trevor Luznak:

Trevor Luznak had an internship at Central Michigan University. He was the Sports Management Intern and was involved in constructing a new program for the kids club, researched marketing plans of other universities, helped create a marketing plan for CMU athletics, and Trevor also focused on promoting the baseball team. Trevor learned many lessons and "Made some amazing connections with individuals that I worked with who now works at two different universities." Trevor wants all students to experience the real-world experience of an internship.

Austin Schafer:

Austin Schafer, a current intern at Modern Woodmen of America, "Prospect for clients, meet with clients to discuss financial planning, perform any necessary underwriting tasks" He will be receiving credit for the FINC 490 course this summer. Austin enjoys gaining experience in the field of his studies and believes this opportunity at Modern Woodmen of America could lead to a career after his prospected graduation in 2021. Austin was one of the many students who attended the Davenport University Career Fair, and he was lucky enough to have found an internship role. Austin's advice for students is to "When interviewing for the internship ask if there is a possibility that it could become full-time once you graduate. Being an intern first is one of the easiest ways to stay with the same company and work for them after college."  

From a student who helped to organize a community event at a local library:

"I learned that I am a person that is in a position to help others and really wanted to, I just was not quite sure how to get involved. Davenport makes it very simple to get involved with the community, and it expands the views of the students beyond just our campus...I will continue to participate in Davenport Community events as well as looking for other opportunities in the community outside of class projects to help out. I was really impressed with the accomplishments of the group project. The meeting at the Kentwood [Michigan] Public Library was set up very nicely! Also getting to see Rebecca Skloot was an awesome opportunity, she was a great speaker and a joy to listen to. I also really enjoyed working with my group in class and out in the community. I will miss coming to this class!!"

From Dr. Terri Tomaszek, Instructor HUMN 101: Arts & Culture, on the benefits of academic service-learning:

"Since its beginning, Davenport has given students opportunities for Experiential Learning which develop the skills and abilities, as M.E. Davenport wrote, to "Make a Living. Make a Life. Make a Contribution."  Upon entering their professions, our graduates will have demonstrated the skills that place them at the competitive edge in the workplace; and, by performing academic service-learning, they will show themselves to be responsible, valued citizens. Davenport’s emphasis on EL provides opportunities for leadership, teamwork, problem-solving, and the other components of the Excellence System. By tying together course learning outcomes, the Excellence System, and Experiential Learning, DU students develop the skills and abilities to live and work successfully in a global, diverse, and technological society."