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Office of Experiential Learning
The Office of Experiential Learning helps students gain broader perspectives on the world of professional work through on the job work experiences and training that directly relates to their field of study.
What we do and who we are

Davenport University, we believe that life is not a spectator sport. Davenport isn't here for our students to watch it happen. Our mission is to help you MAKE it happen. start as a new student, but you'll leave as a new person: ready to take on the world, and prepared to do it well. Jump in. 

 Davenport believes that real-world experience is critical to a student’s career development and success.  To that end, the university supports a wide range of out of classroom experiences, collectively known as experiential learning.  Students get involved through classes with projects in the community which help to build their academic, professional etiquette, and networking skills.

 The Experiential Learning Department has wonderful opportunities waiting for you! See all of the Experiential Learning Opportunities below under the Quick Links Section.


Quick Links 

Experiential Learning Defined | Which Path is Right for Me / My Student? | Internships | Practicum | Employer Projects Prior Learning Experience Assessment | Academic Service-Learning | Study Abroad | Field Trips National Service Opportunities Success Stories

How we can help our Employee Partners
Design An Internship
Outline a Project
Support Your Own Professionals
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MCB & COT Experiential Learning Requirement Fact Sheet


Davenport University strives to enrich its students’ learning in all ways

and believes that it’s important for students to make connections

between their education and the professional workforce that awaits

them after graduation. That’s why experiential learning is becoming an

integral part of education for all Davenport students. 

How Can Students Meet the New Experiential Learning Requirement?
View the EL Fact Sheet by clicking here




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Remote Internships Surge
EL COVID Response
Employer Internship Training
Meet Your Experiential Learning Team!
Dr. Wayne Sneath

Director of Experiential Learning
Employers can submit project support requests to Dr. Sneath for evaluation and assignment to the appropriate BUSN or TECH 489 class.  Students seeking Prior Learning Assessment can submit a resume and request via e mail. 

PH: 616-871-3968
Debora Crudele, MBA, CM

Internship Manager
Management | Information Assurance | Networking 

Ph: 586-620-4041
Brandi Melkild, MBA, GCDF

Internship Manager
Data Analytics | Industrial Production Management | Risk Management | Sport Management | Computer Science | Technology Project Management |

PH: 616-554-5502
Shari Watanabe

Internship Manager
Accounting | Computer Information Systems | Computer Science | Information Assurance
Cyber Defense | Digital Forensics | Network Management & Security | Technology Project Management & Programming

Ph: 616-554-5827
Tonya Ransome

Internship Manager

Marketing | Finance | Accounting | Human Resource Management | Legal Studies | 
Biological Laboratory Science | Health Information Technology Management 

PH: 586-620-4076
Dr. Lindsey Shull

Internship & Practicum Manager
Biological Labratory Science | Human Resource Management | Legal Studies
Medical Assisting | Medical Case Managment | Health Information Technology | Health Services Administration

PH: 616-554-5528
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