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Experiential Learning

Real World Experience Makes All the Difference

At Davenport University, we believe that life is not a spectator sport. Davenport isn't here for our students to watch it happen. Our mission is to help you MAKE it happen. start out as a new student, but you'll leave as a new person: ready to take on the world, and prepared to do it well. Jump in. 

Davenport believes that real-world experience is critical to a student’s career development and success.  To that end, the university supports a wide range of out of classroom experiences, collectively known as experiential learning.  Students get involved through classes with projects in the community which help to build their academic, professional etiquette, and networking skills.

Our objective

To give you the personal experience outside of the classroom, as a part of credit-bearing courses, that adds value to your educational objectives and development through practical application of program and course outcomes and the process of reflection. 

Experiential learning gives you a broader perspective in the areas of professional and lifelong learning, civic and community engagement, and internationalization.

With experiential learning, you'll be prepared to succeed in—and contribute to—today’s complex real world.

Learn more about the following types of experiential learning at Davenport:

Choose the best option for you: 

Students need experience to enter and move about the job market more easily.  DU instituted the Experiential Learning Requirement in 2014 to be sure our graduates have skills employers want.  Internship is the strongest of those options to build an individual resume.  It lets students try out an area in his or her chosen field and narrow the focus for future career path steps.  Some DU programs have one or two required internships. 
BUSN489 or TECH489 Field Experiences are also solid choices.  Students train to be business consultants and take part in an assigned live business case as a team member.  Field Experience is for more experienced individuals who may not have so great a need to explore career paths, and / or are building upon an already strong resume.  Learn more about Field Experience classes by clicking Business & Industry Projects above.