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Davenport University Data Book

The DU Data Book is a compilation of data on students, courses, faculty, and staff.

It  is updated each fall to show annual trends based on consistent reporting methodology. All departments have access to this data to use as a foundation in decision-making. 

See the sections below to access downloadable Excel files in the various categories.  

View this tutorial, Using the DU Data Book, for a few tips on using these files. 


Fall 2018 - Sections  


Data Book

Section 1

Enrollment (headcount by new/continuing/re-entry, campus, CC transfers, student audience, and program)

Section 2

Course Enrollments (sections/seats by time/day, delivery, average class size, online vs in-seat, experiential learning)

Section 3

Retention & Persistence (by college, program, location, and New FTIAC)

Section 4

Student Profile (demographics, HS GPA, ACT, full-time vs part-time, financial aid, residence halls, international students)

Section 5

Student Outcomes (DU GPA, credit hours by program, number graduates, IPEDs graduation rates, employment by program and by campus, )

Section 6

Faculty/Staff Profile (headcount by college, highest degree, ethnicity, gender)

Section 7

Service Area Maps (geographic images of where DU students reside)

*The sections listed above are available to full-time faculty and staff only.       
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