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Alternate Route to Teacher Certification in Urban Education
Woman teacher at the white board with students raising their hands in the foreground.

Certificate in Urban Education

Earning a Certificate in Urban Education provides a pathway to start or advance your career as an Urban Educator. Requiring just 19 credits, this program can be completed in one year. For experienced educators or those just getting started, this program can open new career opportunities. Advancing beyond traditional curriculums, these programs immerse you in the actual clinical setting from the start. As a prospective teacher, you will be assigned to a master teacher. Your learning experience will take place in a real-world classroom setting monitored by your education partner.  This will allow you to put your newly acquired  skills into practice in real-time. As a current teacher, you will continue to fine-tune your skills as an urban educator while working toward your certificate and earning new endorsements

What are the features of the Certificate  in Urban Education?

  • Provides an alternative route to teacher certification for aspiring educators
  • Develops teaching expertise that serves a  growing need
  • Offers potential hiring opportunities with partner school districts
  • Increases teaching marketability through  increased endorsements
  • Shortens duration for potentially many  career scenarios
  • Includes in-field, experiential learning
  • Offers seven courses and two field experiences
The curriculum you will experience is part of the Master of Urban Education program. Once the certificate is earned, you have the option to continue with the full master’s program. This program is also a great choice if you want to expand your skills without pursuing another degree.

Who is Eligible?

Prospective Teachers

  • Possess a Bachelor’s Degree
  • Show evidence of achievement (required 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA)
  • Have passed the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification subject area competency exam and basic skills requirements

Current teachers seeking new endorsements

  • Possess a current teaching certificate under the State of Michigan
  • Show evidence of achievement (required 3.0 or higher undergraduate GPA)
  • Have passed the Michigan Test for Teacher Certification competency exams in new endorsement subject areas.

Note: Admittance is contingent upon passage of criminal history check and FBI fingerprinting.

Course of Study

Davenport graduate programs will help you become a standout for leadership in education. Our innovative, highly-respected curriculum is the only program of its kind in Michigan offering this unique model. Our relationships with educational leaders across the region and beyond become your connections for the future. 

  • Introduction to Teaching
  • Foundations in Urban Education
  • Family and Community Partnership Practice
  • Classroom Management Strategies
  • Teaching English/Language Arts
  • Field Based Experience in Special Education
  • Educational Psychology in Urban Environments
  • Differentiating Instruction in Urban Settings
  • Field-Based Clinical Classroom Observation

For more information: or 800-686-1600