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Computer Science Bachelor of Science | 120 Credits

Our computer science program is designed to introduce students to topics ranging from algorithmic and applied theoretical foundations to cutting-edge developments in areas such as computer vision, artificial intelligence, modeling and simulation. Computer Science offers a comprehensive foundation that permits graduates to adapt to new technologies and new ideas while solving real world problems. Students will choose between three emerging specialties: Biometrics, Computer Architecture and Algorithms, and Gaming & Simulation.
Foundations of Excellence 37 Credits
ACES100 Achieving Career and Education Success 3
BUSN210 Professional Ethics 3
COMM120 Presentation Techniques 3
ENGL109 Composition 3
ENGL110 Advanced Composition 3
ENGL311 Professional Writing 3
MATH205 Applied Linear Algebra 3
MATH215 Calculus I 4
PHYS100 Applied Physics 2
PHYS100L Applied Physics Lab 1
SOSC201 Diversity in Society 3
SOSC301 Globalization and World Diversity 3
STAT220 Introduction to Statistics 3
Foundations of Computer Science 18 Credits
CISP111 Requirements Planning and Development 3
CISP247 Database Design 3
MATH250 Discrete Structures 3
CSCI231 Introduction to Programming 3
CSCI234 Object-Oriented Programming with C# 3
GPMT287 Principles of Project Management 3
Major 42 credits
CSCI222 Biometric Fundamentals 3
CSCI258 Introduction to Game Design 3
CSCI260 Software Engineering 3
CSCI280 Artificial Iintelligence 3
CSCI312 Data Structures and Algorithms 3
CSCI380 Computer Vision 3
IAAS221 Security Foundation 3
CSCI490 Computer Science Internship OR 3
TECH489 Field Experience in Technology 3
CSCI497 Computer Science Capstone 3
MATH140 Finite Mathematics 3


Choose one of the specialty areas to complete your degree. 
**New for Fall 2018: the Biometrics Specialty will be replaced with a new specialty - Aritificial Intelligence. This specialty is designed to introduce students to concepts related to artificial intelligence, specifically computer vision, deep learning, pattern recognition, and algorithms. Look for course descriptions and information coming soon.
Biometrics (Only until Fall, 2018) 12 Credits
CSCI326 Biometric Spoofing 3
CSCI410 Pattern Recognition 3
CSCI445 Design and Analysis Algorithms                        3
CSCI446 Advances in Biometrics 3
Computer Architecture and Algorithms 12 Credits
CSCI268 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture 3
CSCI430 Operating Systems 3
CSCI440 Introduction to Modeling and Simulations 3
CSCI445 Design and Analysis of Algorithms 3
Gaming and Simulation 12 Credits
CSCI335 2D Game Development 3
CSCI370 3D Game Development 3
CSCI440 Introduction to Modeling and Simulation            3
CSCI448 Collaborative Game Development 3