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Health Programs and Degrees


Thank you for choosing Davenport University.  The faculty and staff of College of Health Professions (COHP) would like to welcome you and congratulate interest in a career in the healthcare industry.  The healthcare industry is dynamic and ever changing.  A program of study in the health professions will lead to  a rewarding and challenging profession with many opportunities.

The purpose of the College of Health Professions is to provide a quality education to enable students to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies required to be successful in the healthcare field.  Curriculum is designed to meet the requirements of the accrediting bodies and to prepare students to be eligible to apply for licensure or certification upon graduation.

Graduates are able to synthesize theoretical knowledge with professional practicum experiences, business principles and cutting edge technology, in order to critically evaluate healthcare issues, trends and practices to promote health.

Graduates acquire the knowledge and skills to address healthcare needs of individuals and groups from diverse populations according to the highest ethical and legal standards of professional excellence.

Outcomes of the College of Health Professions 

Upon graduation from a program in the College of Health Professions, students will:

  1. Demonstrate the Davenport University Excellence System.
  2. Utilize appropriate verbal and written communication pertinent to the chosen health profession.
  3. Synthesize the clinical, managerial, and technology skills necessary to assess, analyze, apply and evaluate health care situations.
  4. Organize and apply a broad base of knowledge as it relates to the chosen health profession.
  5. Function effectively as a member of the health profession
  6. Apply legal and ethical standards pertinent to the chosen health profession.
  7. Advance the health profession through application of research.
  8. Continue professional self-development through advanced degrees.
  9. Demonstrate competencies required to pass national certification, licensure, or registration examinations of the programs within the chosen profession. 
  10. Meet or exceed entry level competencies for employment in the chosen health profession.