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Strategic Initiatives


The Donald W. Maine College of Business, through innovation, continuous improvement and quality initiatives, will enhance its reputation as a global leader in business education.
Purpose Statement

The Donald W. Maine College of Business is a quality business school providing innovative career programs that appeal to a global audience. The College seeks to excel in applications-based instruction, enriched by faculty scholarship and professional business expertise along with service to the University’s communities.

The strategic plan for the Maine College of Business revolves around the following goals and objectives. Each objective is then further broken down into strategies and specific action plans. The timelines, primary responsibility (ownership), outcomes/measurements, resources needed and use of results are all provided in tabular form below.


To expose students to the necessary professional and academic abilities which embody the key practical and theoretical skills that will lead to success in their chosen profession (based on the Davenport University Excellence System).
Objective A. To ensure that 100 percent of students are provided with the necessary theoretical academic foundation to ensure success in their chosen major.
Objective B. To ensure that 100 percent of business majors are exposed to the necessary practical skills leading to professional success.


To enhance academic programs by improving quality initiatives that will eventually lead to specialized accreditation for the College and various programs within the School.
Objective A. Outline 100 percent of current academic offerings and conduct a gap analysis for all Maine College of Business programs per IACBE guidelines. (ACCOMPLISHED)
Objective B. Evaluate other potential accreditations and identify at least one additional program accreditation to pursue, while ensuring the maintenance of currently accredited programs.


To continue to grow and sustain the College’s enrollment by actively recruiting qualified students (traditional /nontraditional).