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University Honors Program

An Honors Program Open to ALL DU Students

The Arts & Sciences Honors Program supports excellence in critical thinking, creativity in applying the Excellence System to a career path, and development of leadership skills through Foundation of Excellence coursework.  The A & S Honors Program is open to all University students as the corresponding courses are available in all majors.

Benefits to Students

  • Honors designation on transcript

  • Enriched academic experience

  •  Experiential learning opportunity 

  •  Enhanced career development

  • Working closely with faculty

Program Entrance Requirement - Completion of a minimum of 6 credit hours of University coursework at an accredited institution (100-level or higher), with a cumulative GPA of 3.25 or higher at the time of starting the first Honors-designated course

Arts and Sciences Honors are conferred upon completion of:

  • Completion of five courses or 15 credits in the College of Arts and Sciences at the 100 level or higher with a grade of “B” or higher.
  • Completion of five Honors Projects (HNRS151-155), associated with the five A & S courses, with a project  grade of “B” or higher .  The Honors Project grade will not count as part of the final course grade but is required for the transcript designation of Honors credit. Students failing to either receive a course grade of “B” or higher, or complete the affiliated project with a grade of “B” or higher will earn course credit but no Honors designation.  
  • Three credits of Experiential Learning experience, which could include PROX 193 Service Learning Experience (3 cr), SABR 381 Study Abroad  (3 cr), or an approved internship.    Students may complete this requirement at any time in the program.  The Internship could be directly related to the student’s program or could encompass an affiliated or new field of study.
  • An overall cumulative University GPA of 3.25 throughout the student's degree program.  If the GPA drops below 3.25 in any semester, the student will be placed on Honors Program probation for one semester until the GPA is brought back up to 3.25.  A second probationary suspension will result in being dropped from the Honors Program.  If a student fails to complete an Honors Project for a second time, the student will be dropped from the program. 
Affiliated Honors Projects
  • Students graduating from DU are expected to demonstrate mastery in nine Excellence System skills. Courses designated for Honors Program credit will include a project approved by the instructor and the Honors Program Coordinator that addresses either an Excellence skill beyond that covered in the course learning objectives or significantly expands upon an existing Excellence skill. At least five of the nine Excellence System skills must be addressed by completion of the Honors-designated projects.
  • The nature and format of the projects are flexible but should represent approximately 20-30 hours of additional work outside of class obligations to complete the project .  
  • Students use the Honors Project Approval form to outline the project proposal.  Final approval of the project by the course instructor and Honors Program Coordinator must be completed by the "last day to add courses" for that session or semester.

Steps for Requesting an A&S Honors Course Designation

  1. Student identifies the A&S course for project completion.
  2. Student contacts course instructor to define the scope and nature of the project. Note: Approval of the project may require several drafts shared between the instructor, student, and Honors Coordinator.  
  3. Student submits Honors Project Application as follows:
  • For project to be completed in the current semester, application submitted before the start of session 2 for the semester of application


  • For an extension to complete the project in the next semester, application submitted before the end of the current semester.

Upon approval of the project, the Honors Coordinator enrolls the students in HNRS 151-155 (0 credit).  One number is used for each of the designated A&S Honors Projects.

Completion of the project with a grade of “B or higher” and a course grade of “B or higher” confers honors credit for that course.

Questions?? Contact Dr. Daniel Palmatier,  Associate Department Chair in the Science Department at: