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Social Sciences and Humanities

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Welcome! Join Social Science and Humanities professionals as we explore ways in which society, relationships, and personal choices influence our businesses and our personal health. 

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Human Experience and Perspectives

With a focus on local and global diversity, students learn to understand and work effectively with people of all cultures, backgrounds, and perspectives.

SOSC 201: Diversity in Society
SOSC 301: Global Diversity
PSYC: Psychology Series

Graduate Programs in Data Analytics

Davenport University’s online graduate certificate and degree programs prepare students to work in the field of Data Analytics analyzing vast databases using complex algorithms and artificial intelligence to inform business decisions. Business and medical communities, government agencies, and non-profit organizations are among those who rely on data analytics to effectively run their organizations. Data Analytics programs are sponsored in partnership with the Colleges of Technology, Business, and Health Professions. 

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  What are Analytics?

In courses such as data analytics and economics, students learn to quantify and evaluate interactions between people and businesses.

DATA Series: Data Analytics
ECON Series: Economics

Integrative Professional Studies

The Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree Program in Integrative Professional Studies prepares students to enter the social work profession in a variety of organizations including health and social services agencies. This is a unique program that partners with Kuyper College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The credits students take from Davenport University are transferred to Kuyper College where students complete additional coursework, leading to a nationally accredited Bachelor of Social Work degree, conferred by Kuyper College.

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What is Social Work?

Social Workers help individuals and families face and address challenges in their lives through a variety of organizations, including community service agencies, schools, and medical facilities.