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Science Department

Welcome! Davenport University’s Science Department provides a focused foundation in science skills that enable Biological Lab Science, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Allied Health students to succeed in their professional programs.

A Bachelor’s degree in Biological Laboratory Science (BLS) is offered, which can be used as a pre-health professional program or can launch a career in a biotechnology field.  Throughout the year, the science department welcomes area schools to visit and explore college opportunities in science. During the summer, the science department hosts forensic science camps for high school students around the state of Michigan.  Please enjoy reviewing more about our science faculty and our program.


A scientist looking through a microscope.


Davenport University’s College of Arts and Sciences Science department offers assistance to help students reach their goals. Some of these areas include the following:

  • Small instructor to student ratio
  • Online and in-seat delivery of many of our courses
  • Summer high school science camps
  • Support to other departments and degree programs
A scientist in a laboratory working with test tubes.


Bachelor of Science in Biological Laboratory Science

A Bachelor of Science in Biological Laboratory Science will prepare students to work in a laboratory setting as a Research Associate or Technician. Such positions can be found in academic, industrial and government settings, and include biotechnology manufacturing companies that produce genetically engineered products like new vaccines, drugs or modified plants and animals for human consumption, university and medical research laboratories, government regulatory agencies and forensics laboratories.