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Enrollment Requirements

Get Accepted - Schedule Classes

Once a veteran is accepted to Davenport University he/she should make an appointment with an advisor at DU to discuss program interest and to get scheduled for classes.

Please note: There are no benefits for students who elect to enter a Diploma program. VA benefits are paid for Associate, Bachelor and Master Degrees only.

Once the Registrar’s Office receives the necessary paperwork, the veteran will be coded as receiving VA benefits and will appear on a report for each semester the student is scheduled for classes.

The VA certifying official will certify the number of credits and the dates enrolled in those credits each semester the student is enrolled in classes at DU.

Please note: Normal processing time for benefits is 4-6 weeks.

Payments are directly mailed to the student from VA, with the exception of Chapter 31 and 33.  All payments for Chapter 31 and 33 students are mailed directly to the school. It is the student’s responsibility to make any additional payment arrangements on their tuition bill.

It is extremely important for the VA student to contact his/her advisor to drop classes according to the drop/add dates posted on the DU calendar to avoid penalties and future problems with VA benefits.

Web Automated Verification of Enrollment (WAVE) is required for all chapters except Chapter 31 and 33 at

  1. Verify enrollment once a month via WAVE.
  2. Student must verify their enrollment once a month via WAVE
  3. From the VA Home Page, click on Information for Veterans

For additional DU Military/Veteran resources please click here.