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Professional Development

Career Services has developed a comprehensive Professional Development Plan to support student and alumni professional development. For every course DU offers that contains a professional development element or career-related activity, Career Services has resources designed specifically to support the teaching of that skill.

Contact us to learn more about how we can support you through:

  • In-class presentations and materials
  • Partnering on professional events such as career fairs, employer panels, information sessions
  • Internships
  • Job shadow, informational interviews and mentors

The professional development of our faculty is also important. For faculty seeking externships, we offer assistance. Meet with us and let us help you hone your skills by assisting you in obtaining an externship with a company in your program area.

Handshake  is a key resource for you that, when used in conjunction with assignments, can help us both! Many faculty are already using Handshake resume approval process to assure students complete an effective professional resume and are using InterviewStream to assist students.

Assistance includes:

  • Interview practice and review
  • Personal pitch
  • Business plan presentation
  • Articulation and composure

Spend a moment reviewing the ways that InterviewStream can help your students. It's easy, fun and free for students and faculty to employ in the classroom as an assignment or as extra credit.