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Employment Guarantee Application

Questions? Contact Career Services or Call 616-698-7111 and ask for the Career Services Coordinator nearest you.

The advising syllabus is located here:
Internship Information
Workstudy or Student Employment
Full or Part-Time Employment while in school (over 150 hours)
On-Campus Club / Organization or Volunteerism
When did you begin this volunteer work?
When did you complete this volunteer work?
Upload document(s) that details all positions you have applied for prior to and since graduation (Employer, Position Title, Full or Part-time)
Please upload a copy of your resume.
Criminal Background
Have you ever been convicted of a crime or do you have felony charges currently pending against you?
If Yes, please explain:
Summary of efforts and responses from prospective employers. Include issues you have faced, areas of weakness expressed by employers, personal perspective re: your current state of unemployment.