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Interview Skills

Are you ready for your interview?

Interviewing for a job can be stressful. There are many questions you will need to answer at an interview, but they mainly fall into three categories:

  • Qualifications: Am I qualified and will I be good at the job?
  • Fit: Will I good for the company?
  • Motivation: Will I be able to preform the job as required? Will I like the job?

Quick Links:

Practice Interviews

Would you ever try out for an event without practicing? Interviewing for a job is no different. Practicing for an interview is a great way to see how the process works and what you can expect. Career Services is here to help with that. We offer free mock interviews for every major. Call and schedule your mock interview with one of our career coaches at 616-698-7111. 


Davenport also offers InterviewStream as a tool to help you with your interview skills.  Use InterviewStream to select and record mock interview questions and your answers. The, you can review it or send it to our Career Services office for tips and suggestions. All you need is a webcam and microphone on your laptop or PC and your Davenport login credentials to creat your profile. 

Perfect your interview skills using InterviewStream. Here are the directions to get you started:

  • Click the InterviewStream link
  • Set up your account
  • Select the "Conduct Interview" option
  • Select from a previously created interview or create your own 
  • Complete your interview
  • Review it or send an e-mail link to your Career Services Coordinator and let them help you NAIL IT!

InterviewStream doesn't stop at the basic interview!

Career Services has designed this system to offer assistance with:

  • Your personal pitch and career fair introduction
  • 30 second Business Plan pitch
  • ENGL 311 interview
  • Personalized interview selection